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  1. Football Manager 2013 is due (if not already) out, hence the price drop.
  2. What you have to remember is the most successful devices are linked to a strong eco-system, kindle ereaders and ipad/ipods are prime examples of this. The nexus 7 hit a price point that has made them extremely popular, but your parents probably don't have/want one, and this is where the kindle fire comes in. As a media content device it has the lot, including Lovefilm streaming, now if Amazon have simplified the UI as well so that anyone can use it, then with the Kindle brand it could have the mass-market appeal of an iPad.
  3. Lovefilm (Instant) streaming is till not available on the official app, and the website uses Silverlight for streaming for some strange reason! Any way Lovefilm streaming can be watched on Android devices, or do I just have to wait it out?
  4. Anyone managed to get Flash Player working? I uninstalled by removing the dodgy apk and installed but still no joy.
  5. Installing to another uk device and then installing from the All Apps section on the ug802 Play Store works fine for me.
  6. netgroover

    Play Store

    There is of course the workaround where you download apps to another uk device and then go to your Apps on the UG802 Play Store and install from there. Looking forward to a permanent fix as iplayer app doesn't appear to work.
  7. netgroover

    Play Store

    I tried that, it shows the ug802 and my htc desire, but it won't let me select the UG802 to deliver the app to.
  8. netgroover

    Play Store

    I don't think the apps will be incompatible as such, looking at the posts (I'm no expert) the fix seems to declare the device and carrier you are using as being something else. So you set it to a similar (non-chinese) device in terms of chipset and a US carrier, and end up with the US Play Store? Can anyone confirm this?
  9. netgroover

    Play Store

    I have the same issue, how do you get the play store to install uk-only apps?
  10. Did you have to do anything to get the windows remote to work? I have a Windows XP Media Center Edition USB IR keyboard I want to use.
  11. I like the idea of these devices but have trust issues where quality is concerned. I only bought something once (wifi dongle) from China and it packed up in a few weeks. Not a problem when it's a few quid, but £100+ I'd be gutted. SO, really looking forward to your reviews and recommendations on devices, sites and sellers!
  12. Nice round-up, it's a question I'm asking myself right now and I'm edging towards the Kindle HD at the moment. Yes it has a custom OS, but it will likely 'just work' and it's in Amazon's interest to support it for a long time, something the 'others' have never really achieved. I'm also a Kindle and Lovefilm user, so I'm already in their ecosystem. But the BIG question for me is will it let me add the Play store and apps from it if I so choose. I'm not sure I can accept no control, as otherwise I would have bought an iFad!
  13. I want a Dial-up connection from my laptop via my SPV C500, but NOT using GPRS. So this thread looks ideal, but I can't get it working at all! All I get is "Unable to place call"
  14. Great advice, BUT any idea how to get this working for a non GPRS connection? I'm trying to set up a connection between my PC and my workplace, which uses a RAS server. However, all I get is Error 678 the Remote Computer did not respond. This happens whether I use USB or Bluetooth. Any ideas?
  15. I'm having trouble setting up a dial-up connection from my PC via my SPV C500 to my work's RAS server. I have tried this with both Bluetooth and USB, but I get Error 678 "The Remote Computer Did not respond." I have followed the various posts on dial-up connections, but no joy, as they all seem to be aimed at GPRS dial-up. Has anybody managed to get this working? James
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