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    Modifying a kernel installer for SWITCH

    Awesome, I ran 99elementalx in terminal and everything works. I checked data/local for the log and it was all there. However, everything doesn't stick after a reboot? What would I need to modify to make it stick so I wouldn't have to run 99elementalx everytime I switch or reboot?
  2. illmatic416

    Modifying a kernel installer for SWITCH

    Yeah, i did switch a couple of times. I did a wipe and clean install and still my setup of the elementalx configuration settings do not take effect. The kernel installs with the stock settings of sweep2wake, doubletap2wake, etc. So I flash the beta1, then beta8, then SuperSU, then the GPE kernal you just uploaded, then bootup, switch...none of my configurations are set. Normally when i installed the kernel regularly on other ROMs, during install it pauses and hovers around 40% then continues to 90%...but everytime i install the kernel on Swtich, it hits 40% and immediately jumps to 90%. Granted it doesn't matter so much now, as I'm using TricksterMod to set things up and undervolt even more...but it's something I would like to figure out as to why it's not working. So is everyone else getting their configurations set?
  3. illmatic416

    Modifying a kernel installer for SWITCH

    Thanks for helping me out. I flashed your file and the elementalx.conf file still doesn't seem to be implemented on my One. I checked etc/init.d to make sure there wasn't any script conflicting and even uninstalled TricksterMod and wiped cache and dalvik, but nothing. Maybe I'll try from a clean install again. Here is my updater-script for the GPE side of things: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fv332jho3y7ylag/updater-script
  4. illmatic416

    Modifying a kernel installer for SWITCH

    I changed line 523 back to package_extract_dir("system", "/system"); still no go on my end...I even disable all wake functions too, but device still boots with dt2wake and sweep2wake on. Would it be possible to have a copy of your elementalX updater-script? Thanks for the help Edit: Looks like i didn't modify that line on the file i uploaded, but I did after and still no changes. What is the proper code to add to that line? just /SWITCH/sense or gpe?
  5. illmatic416

    Modifying a kernel installer for SWITCH

    So my script creates elementalx.conf, but it doesn't use the settings. I disable swipe2wake and doubletap2wake, but they are always present until i use Trickstermod to disable.
  6. illmatic416

    Modifying a kernel installer for SWITCH

    I also did two separate installers and never had an issue. Have you guys figured out any part of the script that allows for elementalx.conf to be implemented during install so you wouldn't have use TricksterMod? I've been trying to edit different lines in the script, but haven't figured it out. Here is my base updater-script if anyone wants to throw it into their elementalx installer. I didn't do much other than change the directory locations to the proper ones. http://www.mediafire.com/download/fv332jho3y7ylag/updater-script
  7. illmatic416

    Modifying a kernel installer for SWITCH

    Thanks for the suggestion..i've never used TricksterMod. It works pretty well so far, but doesn't let me configure the other options like logo2sleep, and turnoff swipe2wake, etc. If the updater-script can be modified to install as usual, I figure there has to be a way to implement the configuration. With elementalX, you can change the settings in the elementalx.conf in /etc, but apparently the process which tells the device to use this conf file isn't being implemented during install. So the file is being created, but not being called for use. Edit: My stupid-ass didn't see the screenwake control in TricksterMod! Thanks for the tip again
  8. illmatic416

    Modifying a kernel installer for SWITCH

    This helped with getting ElementaX to install without borking wifi after switching back and forth on either ROM. However my settings that I setup in Aroma do not activate. Any tips? THanks elementalx.conf installs into system/SWITCH/gpe/etc with all my settings, but it appears those settings are not being activated during the install. I checked the data/local directory which is suppose to have a log if the settings were installed correctly, but there is no log file.
  9. illmatic416

    Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    Thanks for the help, I will give it another try. Also thanks again for providing this for us Paul, cheers!
  10. illmatic416

    Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    Are you referring to this "adb shell /data/SWITCH/sense/firstrun.sense"? I don't even have that script in that folder anymore...and when i did on beta5, i kept getting permission denied. I saw your post last night on XDA with the .conf request and downloaded it also thinking it would be beneficial down the line to try elementalx. I asked flar2 about calling in "install-recovery.sh" in the ramdisk for elementalx and he said he would look into it for the next version. My question is, how did you get elementalx to stick when switching? I installed teamSeven and wifi is borked on the Sense side. I flashed teamSeven on it, then booted to GPE, flashed teamSeven there, everything runs fine there...switched to Sense, no wifi...next i copied the boot image and modules like Paul suggested, and still no wifi.
  11. illmatic416

    MCR r22.1 archive

    Before, I wouldn't use stock Android after getting used to Sense UI on the Hero. I tried Cyanogen's Mod and wasn't feeling it as much as Sense. Then when Froyo was leaked, i wiped and installed...same boring stock Android to me...Nandroid back to the Desire port. However, when Paul released MCR R17 with Froyo, i decided to give it another try...but this time I decided to try to customize it as much as I could to be like Sense. Launcher Pro is great! With it you get the Leap function and a customizable dock that can store 15 items on it. If you really must have the Sense flip clock, there's Fancy Widgets which HTC has given a C&D order on since it's practically a straight copy(imitation is the greatest form of flattery). Beautiful Widgets is totally skinable also and includes the application widgets if you don't want to use the stock Android Power Control bar. Added on Jonal's HTC_IME keyboard mod which you can customize. Sure there are some great Sense widgets I miss, but right now FRF72 is working great for me. The thing I would probably miss the most is Sense's implementation of copy and paste in the browser. I'm still waiting for the Desire Beta, but the Froyo ROM updates have been giving me my ROM changing fix.
  12. illmatic416

    MCR r21 Archive

    +1 I'm also getting terrible battery life. With very little usage, my battery will go from 100% to 15% after 16 hours. When I was on the Desire ROM, 16 hours with the same or more usage it would drop down to 40-50%.
  13. illmatic416

    Nexus One AT&T Patch

    AT&T is NOT selling the Nexus One...no way would they sell or market a device that would take away sales from their hen that lays the golden eggs. Google is selling the Nexus One variant with 850/1900 3G frequencies. It is a hardware difference.
  14. illmatic416

    Trackball Wake for Desire N1 ROM?

    :rolleyes: Sweet! Thanks Paul. Will it now be implemented in the next build?
  15. illmatic416

    Google to stop selling the Nexus one Direct.

    Agreed. It would be nice to see Amazon sell it unlocked...hell even seeing it at WorstBuy unlocked would be cool too.

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