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  1. Hax

    Phantom alarms!

    Well, a quick follow up on my post above (for those that are interested!) Since using the application in the thread I linked to, I have no longer had to suffer the curse of the phantom alarms - thanks go to Maaz for finding the original Dutch article and bringing it to our attention in these forums! ;)
  2. Hax

    Phantom alarms!

    Sorry for the bumping of this thread - but my M500's now exhibiting this exact same problem. I set my alarm for say 7:00, 7:15 and 7:30 am on work days and it goes off fine, but then at 10:00, 10:15 and 10:30 I get more alarms going off - this is the time I use for the weekends. So, I end up getting 6 alarms going off each day with 3 of them being completely out of my control :evil: I'm actually quite shocked at how reliable MS are at releasing "different" versions of their software with the same bug present in each - I've also had this issue with one of my previous smartphones - the E200 I think Was just about to ask if anyone has found a fix for it when I stumbled upon this thread: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=233066 I've downloaded the mentioned application and with it I was able to see the "phantom" alarms and delete them. I can't say just yet that the problem has been fixed - I'll have to wait until tomorrow now! But fingers crossed eh? ;)
  3. Hax

    new fuel blockades

    When you coast, you lose speed. So, you'll be spending your whole time accelerating up to 60 via the throttle and then decelerating when coasting. It's only more fuel efficient when you're actually changing from say a 60mph area to a 30mph area - then, coasting well before your would normally start to brake would save you a few pennies. In general use, it's not so good. As for 100 miles on 1/4 tank - that's what I get out of my car - well, I do when I'm driving it in a more fuel friendly way - as opposed to hammering it down the motorways - it's amazing what a 10 to 15 mph drop in speed can do to your fuel economy!
  4. Glad I could help - assuming that I did! :o :(
  5. Hax

    new fuel blockades

    The only effect the fuel blockades had for me last time was to force me to worry about how I was going to get back and fore to work once my tank of petrol had emptied. And, I can tell you that it wasn't a nice prospect either as it turned a 26 mile, 35 minute journey costing me about £5 per day in petrol, into an hour and a half of public-transport hell costing me about £11 a day - £6 for train fare and £5 for bus fares. Yeah sure, petrol prices are going up and they will always go up. But currently, for me, they're cheaper than the cost of public transport. Although, that said, I now have a 45 mile journey to work and the train stations are now within walking distance so my current petrol costs (about £9 per day) is only slightly less than the cost of the train ticket (about £10.50 per day). So, by the time car servicing, etc is factored in, train prices are looking pretty attractive. Just a shame that my journey time would increase from about 50 to 60 minutes each way to around an hour and 45 minutes each way - including the walking to/from the train stations either side! Mind you - I'd be a hell of a lot "fitter" ¬_¬ I'm just hoping now that any petrol "shortages" in Southampton will have gone away by the time I need to fill up - probably around Thursday I would estimate - otherwise that's my "home" life screwed... /me crosses his fingers
  6. Are you sure that it's trying to send the messages via SMS? I know that my g/f started writing a text to more than one person and ended up selecting their e-mail addresses instead - this meant that the message just went and sat in the outbox... The messaging application on here sometimes tries to be too clever, with the same message composer being used for all types of message (AFAIK!) Just a thought of what it may be! As for the message from your friend arriving "late" - that's more than likely due to a network issue rather than a phone issue. I've had that happen to me on every mobile I've ever had - Nokia, Motorola, Orange SmartPhones and now my M500. I've found before that when texts haven't arrived, simply making a call will be enough to kick-start the system. No idea why it's like that - just know that it can be. It's rare that it's happened to me though. Just know that it does happen. Even worse when you get a stream of 4 messages all arriving at 3 in the morning, waking you from your slumber...
  7. Hax

    new fuel blockades

    AFAIK, Tesco themselves don't have any oil refineries and they buy their fuel from one of the major players. Just because it arrives in tankers with "Tesco" written down the side doesn't mean that they drilled, pumped and then refined the oil themselves... Likewise, just because the milk "bottle" has "Tesco" written on it doesn't mean that they own several large dairy farms
  8. Hax

    Haven't tried Linux yet?

    Yup - that's correct...
  9. I just used the plastic backing that came with mine and with a bit of perseverance I managed to get a corner slid underneath the screen protector...
  10. Fones4Free have the C550 for free on a £30/month tariff with £180 cash back... So, if you drop your tarriff to £15/month after 6 months, that's means that the phone ends up costing you £90 - not bad :) Link to their offers on the C550 here: clicky-clicky
  11. Hax

    SPV M500- seemingly endless list of problems

    No - you can't as far as I know - but if you download the DivX codec, that should let you play with them - although you may need to get the editing version as opposed to just the player - I've already bought the full sutie so I'm not sure what the minimum is that you would require. That said, you can download a trial version of it to see! :) My screen is set to time out. But, that said, I normally adjust/check the alarms before getting into bed and then plug the phone in and hit the power key to turn off the screen before going to sleep. EDIT: Hang on - I'm talking rubbish - just used my work PC to try my above advice about downloading DivX to play MP4's and it doesn't work.... Hmmm... must be soemthing else I have installed on my home PC then! Nero 6 Reloaded definitely supports MP4 playback - so maybe the codec's simply been picked up from there for me :s I'll try and investigate some more for you!
  12. Woo-hoo!! Received my screen protectors in this morning's mail! Haven't opened the packaging yet as I thought I'd wait until this evening when I've plenty of time to do this properly - well, that's the idea anyway! BTW - can any of you guys recommend any cleaning solutions for the M500 screen? i.e. something that's not going to knacker it :)
  13. I don't *think* that Furby bought his as part of the group buy - his post was made on Wednesday - and the group buy orderse weren't shipped until Monday (US time) - at the earliest, that's Monday afternoon for us! Also, his name doesn't appear in the "these orders have been shipped" list... :)
  14. I find the voice dialling to be about 90% accurate when it comes to recognising the names and "at home", "at work" and "mobile" bits. However, I find myself getting completely frustrated with it when it sits there showing me the correct name and number and asking "Is this correct?" to which I answer "Yes".... Pause for about 8 seconds.... "Please speak more clearly. Is this correct?" "Yes" Another pause and then again: "Please speak more clearly. Is this correct?" "For bloody hell's sake YESSS!!!!" Another pause and then "Good-bye"... I cannot for the life of me understand why it is able to recognise any name out of my contacts list (spoken by (it would seem) anyone - a few of my workmates have tried it out successfully too) pretty much flawlessly, yet it struggles to understand the word "yes"! That said, I found that speaking in a "higher pitched" voice seems to get it to work - although I'd feel pretty stupid squeaking out the word "yes" in a public place - dunno about the rest of you! That said, I've just had a go at tweakign the recognition and rejection settings a little more - and so far (speaking extremely quietly at the phone as I'm in the office!) it seems to be working better... Will have to wait until I get into the car on the way home tonight before I can definietly say that it's improved! :)
  15. Hax

    SPV M500- seemingly endless list of problems

    You can use Windows Movie Maker to rotate avi clips - and it doesn't do a bad job of it either! As for needing the phone switched on/plugged in for alarms to work, that's certainly not the case for me - both myself and my girlfirend have M500's and we both use them as our alarm clocks. There are some nights where my phone is charging and her's isn't and vice versa. But, whatever, without fail (so far) our alarms have sounded every morning since we got them. I use SPB time for my alarms and my girlfriend simply uses the built in clock and alarm functionality. Both work without problem.

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