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  1. thi is just one more thing to remember to install after a hard reset!
  2. i wish all carriers/manufacturers offered free extra batteries!! i could use one for my SLVR and hw6955
  3. That pic makes it look like the Samsung has an additional pull out keyboard :)
  4. That thing looks pretty big for a phone without a qwerty keyboard. Maybe its just me :)
  5. I hope HP offers an update for the 6900s, I want Windows Live Messenger Mobile!
  6. I hope its faster, more responsive and more stable than WM2003/WM5. And I hope current devices can upgrade to it if its coming out in Q1 or Q2 2007. Its hard to keep up with all the new stuff thats constantly coming out! You buy something now and in 2 months theres something new you want. :rolleyes:
  7. If your phone has a Java Virtual Machine then it should have an application that manages Java games/apss, use that to run stuff. Windows Mobile doesnt come with any software to open zip files. Unzip them on your computer and then copy over the contents.
  8. How was the 700? It looks really really fat to me lol, maybe its just the pictures, or maybe I'm getting to use this SLVR.
  9. Does that mean no GSM version of the Q at all? Oh well, I'm thinking about getting the new HP 69xx when it comes out over the Q anyways. Has more features (GPS/WiFi).
  10. I hope its beneficial to independent developers.
  11. How is the Windows Live Messenger? Its the same MSN network right? I want to try it out but I havent been able to get a hold of it :D
  12. What are the errors that you get? Have you tried turning it off and pulling the battery for a few seconds? Have you tried re-installing Activesync on your computer? Hard reset?
  13. Theres a couple games for the pocket pc, if you have one. I dont recall seeing anything for the Smartphone though.
  14. I can see this being very useful on those days when the hotel reception is really busy. Plus you dont have to deal with anyones crap :D Maybe in time they'll let you order room service from it too. Have a beer and a burger waiting for you when you arrive :D
  15. The miniUSB is great because you only have to have one USB cable lying around which connects to a lot of different devices (phone, PDA, camera, etc).
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