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  1. Hold the power button in for at least 10 seconds! Point 1 is not needed. Charge the phone. The first 10 mins or sometimes longer than that (one time I had 40 minutes no screen). Then of you go. flash with new firmware. Regards, GT
  2. Same problem here when I try to download zip file from my TAB. Anyone got solution without using pc/laptop? Thx
  3. Thank you! I just back from Holiday. How can I get the sound from the earpiece instead of the back speaker? Thanks a lot. Tom
  4. Hello, I have installed WM6VoIPFull.cab and somewhere on this forum it says you need the SIP COnfig Tool program, but on that web site (See tools and trick and cabs) download is impossible. Who is using VOIP on his samsung I8000 with the standard dialer. Who can help me to get it working? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello, I have installed WM6voipfull.cab and installed it. That's fine. Only I cannot download "Setup Voip Tool" to turn voip on. Who can help me? Thx
  6. I had this problem one time! You can press the hard reset button of the phone. It will automatically go to the update screen on the phone! ;-) Do not worry, everything will be alright. Gertitombo.
  7. I made a payment to for the excellent service! 2XG10543KX341623X Thanks for the excellent support. GT :D
  8. @all cooking members Thanks for the upcomig lite Rom. Hopefully I get more time soon too. Too busy with other things. Will the (beta) kitchen releases soon too? Thanks again. GT
  9. Hi Guys, If the cooking tools are almost there, then I will look into the basic rom update too. If the beta 6.5.2. is there, let me know. Unfortunately i do not have many time, but like to help you all guys to make the best rom every for I8000. I would like to thank everyone who is creating the ultimate cooking software :) Regards, GT
  10. @rodrigofd Hi, Thanks for adding me. I'm excellent creating rom's. Unfortunatly not creating kitchens. I will come in to create first a mini rom and after that a updated rom. Thus no samsung software in it. If the kitchen is done, we could share information how to create roms together. Hopefully this will be soon. My fingers are warm :) Regards, GT
  11. The documentation and apps name is fine. hopw we can create a base wm65. i'm an experienst cooker. we could create a cooker clan. GT
  12. hello, could somebody post the full instructions and apps to this thread please? I don't have acces to king mobile website. thanks. GT
  13. Do a hard reset and check the lock screen. Also do not restore registry items from previous firmware. Pls let us know.
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