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  1. Fyi... Just bought a SanDisk microSDHC 4GB card for my m3100 (Black Majik ROM) and it's working perfectly. Bought it for £30 on eBay, and got it next day. Seller http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/talklinesales Cheers, Conor
  2. Been using it for a bit of time now. Really like it. Having bought my phone through Orange I haven't had any experience with the HTC audio manager. I must say that its really nice and for playing mp3's and the like its better than windows media player IMO. Everything works nicely for me. Stable, looks good and fast enough. What more can you ask for? I hear that HTC are thinking of going with another OS in the future. Really hope that they choose some kind of Linux.
  3. I have a friend with an M700 and wants to flash the ROM on it to something like the Black ROMs. Does anyone know if there is a build out there for it?
  4. Just flashed mine also, havent really tested it out too much but 2 things stand out for me - the clock and the ability to play the music from the today. Simple things but really well done. I had issue with 3.0.1 and the speed of the syncing to WMP 11. I'll have a go with this one and see if things have improved. Im thinking that its a USB 1.1 thing rather than an OS thing though.
  5. Nope, I can see the card fine. One thing that I really was hoping that they would include in WM6 is the ability to skip to the next track when clicking the button on the headset and maybe even ffwd a bit if the button is held down. Cmon, its not hard. Back in the day my N-Gage did it flawlessly! Shame.
  6. Yeah, wiped the lot before re-syncing. I got a 1gb card and it took quite a long time indeed.
  7. Seemed to make it slightly better but seeing as card readers are so cheap and im going to be doing this every day then I think its a no brainer to buy one.
  8. Yep, much slower sadly. Then again might be something to do with the card thats in there and whats on it. I'll do a format of the card and then try it from scratch. Should give a more unbiased result.
  9. I've insatlled WM6 from the Black ROM. Then installed the 2 Orange cabs linked in earlier on in the thread. All is working as planned. Couldn't be simpler. BTW, to the person that got / compiled those Orange cabs thanks from me.
  10. I've flashed Black 3.0.1 to my M3100 and then installed the Orange CABS. Looks like its well worth it to me... Apart from one problem, syncing music with Windows Media Player 11 is painfully slow now. Anyone else get this? Know of a way to sort it? Cheers, Conor
  11. I've been using TomTom for ages and its always been fine. Used it on an M700 also without problem.
  12. dont know if its any use to you but i HATE wmp10 and want this functionality for my imate jam. found 2 options.... http://handhelds.engadget.com/entry/0264940050548149/ and http://www.freewareppc.com/multimedia/playlistsync.shtml ...that look like they might do the job.
  13. for any lkinux users out there the imagemagick package does the business... convert -scale 320x240 ...so put it into a small bash script, something like... #!/bin/bash for file in `ls | grep -v ^_thb_` do echo CONVERTING: "$file" convert -scale 320x240 "$file" "tmp_$file" mv -f "tmp_$file" "$file" done
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