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  1. Thanks both of you for your info and the tip too! ;)
  2. Does anyone know how to enlarge or move the contact picture when receiving a phone call? Currently it's very small and not really useful when viewing to see who is calling. Thanks in advance.
  3. I think it's just straws, but it's more than we have now. I would too, also like to know how to end GPRS with out going into Flight Mode.
  4. Ahh Tudor glad you can join us. Just wanted to thank you for the most excellent homepage I have seen in the past year. Perfect blend of colors and functionality. Everyone was impressed when I showed it off. It shines on my 5600. I was pretty proud of myself when I edited the code for the first time, without any help, to fix the 24 clock....lol....ok I am noob, sue me. Keep up the good work.
  5. Can't one of the MoDaCo gods, work out a tweak with the LED light? I had the mpx220 and this was even MORE of a problem with that phone....but with a LED light, I am sure there is a way.....
  6. Question: I installed the program just fine. After installation, it's all already set up like it changed my homescreen settings for me, except for Fizz Traveler plugin. So I restarted and then went to homescreen settings and I could not find the application. And once I changed any option, it would revert back, reflecting that change. I have an audiovox 5600 and this is my first attempt to put a homescreen on here. It seems to have some aspect of the apple application, like the shutdown screen and some text is black in the top bar, but that is about it. Anyhelp would be great. Oh and I am sorry if this was posted in here already, it's 6am :shock: and I need to go to bed. Just please drop me the link. Thanks!
  7. I have re-read the FAQ First 48 Hours and checked other threads, but I am at a loss. I am trying to use this Homescreen. This files are not hme, exe or cab. At least that I can tell. There is only a .xml and other files. I used to know how to do this, I think, but it's been a long while. Thanks in advance... It worked but I am not sure why: The main file I downloaded was a winrar file. I placed it on my phone and then magically the phone sees it as a cab where the PC see it only as a winrar. It then installed fine. Should I just assume rar and zips are cabs? Or?
  8. Do you mean free upgrade or upgrade the cingular way and pay the activation fee, the phone cost fee, and other "small" fees needed to complete your transaction? Did I mention there is a fee to read this post? Cingular is charging your account as we speak.
  9. Actually I was reading the maunal online and it said it had voice activated application software. Check it out. I just ordered my 5600. It was what I wanted all along but it was ATT and I was not about to get into the merger BS...so 220 it was...now it's 5600 time....I guess it was just ment to be! :D
  10. I called Cingular and wanted to get a new phone b/c this is the 3rd 220 I have had and even with the new ROM it's still a POS. The said the software issues have been fixed, which I take to mean that they have added the new ROM to the old phones and are shipping them out now....because he told me they were fixed on the 27th and that they were not offering the 5600....well it was a younger guy and I shot the s*** with him for a while and got the 5600. So if want a replacement 5600, then get cracking before the "new and improved" line makes it's full debut. Oh and pay the 7.50 to get it shipped the next day....why wait?
  11. I've been reading how everyone who has gotten the Audiovox 5600 really loves it and how much better it is than the MPx 220. I have not really read any reviews on how improved the 220 is after the update. My questions to you is: Even after the update and the fixes on the 220, should one just replace the phone with the 5600? Curious..... :??:
  12. Thanks for all your help guys. Any idea where the script is for voice mail notification so we could have this one repeat as well?
  13. Yeah the stores here in town (San Diego) are running low, and they tell me it is discontinued. Since no one knows a damn thing at the retail stores, I would go with the person above in maybe they are doing a firmware update.
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