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  1. quattro formaggi, could you post a list of ROMs in excel file at least once per month? Or is there a way to see ALL twitter posts on one page?
  2. Could you put it on http://www.4shared.com or other file sharing site?
  3. http://twitter.com/SamsungFUSNews - go to date 19.01.2011. I would "buy" this ROM from Quatro Formaggi for 5 euro, but I can't use PayPal (and I'm not sure paying for ROMs is a good thing) :D
  4. There is a B7610NXXJC3/B7610NXEEJL2/B7610XXJC2 - 19.01.2011 ROM on mobile firmware downloader. Does anyone have this ROM and could share it? PS. Is there any way to upgrade our phones in official way, right now? KIES is not working with my phone and New PC Studio's upgrade function is blocked... :/
  5. No more ROMs list in excel format? Twitter is not comfortable for me to search rare B7610 ROMs :)
  6. Backup your data and do a hard reset. I'm sure it's a software problem. or if you don't want to reset your phone, uninstall applications one by one and check the battery drain.
  7. Just delete these alarms and create your own - it works.
  8. I think it's from Non-Volatile memory. DO NOT select this option because it can erase your Bluetooth and WiFi MAC address!
  9. GT-B7610_B7610NXXJC2_B7610NXENJC2_B7610XXJC1_B7610NXENJC2_XX_XEN All the same as previous JC2 but CSC is new and it's with English keyboard layout. So it's a good thing :(
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