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  1. Hi.... For many year my imate was having a problem with its joystick so day before yesterday I though of opening it up in order to fix the problem myself but now I don' know what I did, my keypad is not working I might have broken something that connects the keypad with the main board............. I have search all over the internet but I fail to find the service manual for sp5........I am pretty good with soldering Can anyone post a link to a service manual or could someone tell me how to fix this problem.........please thanks
  2. thanks man but i DID try using TCPMP but i am only able to hear the sound without videos!!!
  3. hi there I bought imate SP5, window 2003 edition. I am having 2 problem which are as follows: 1. In order to play movie clip on my old SP1, I use to convert every clips in to avi format. But in my SP5 whenever i try to play these clips, the mobile shows me an error massage saying that it does not support Mpeg or avi format. Is there n e solution to this problem? 2. java Midlet manager was preinstalled in SP5 but whenever i try to install any java file more recently operamin, the file was install but when i try to run it, it just throws my back to the main screen. PLEASE help me solve these problem Regards
  4. I have a [Dell Laptop] and a [Creative universal bluetooth headset] Is there anyway I can stream audio from my laptop just like we do with mobile phones. Could some one tell me hoe to do this.
  5. oooookkkkkk thanks buddy, i have another imate as well this one is imate sp5, the latest one, i am also unable to connect the steaming setting again for music so could you tell me how to go about.... plz
  6. model number PH10B version 1.66.00wwe rom date 02/20/04 radio version 1.10.00 Window 2003 i hop this will help....
  7. hello there, i recently bought creative universal headset but i am unable to listen to music when i bond the head set with my imate pocket pc phone edition. could some one help me please
  8. I have i-mate smartphone 2002, i recently downloaded a theme for my phone with requires rjshortcut to play. Now the problem is my main screen only shows PRGRAM AND CONTACT buttons but not the animated theme. Could any one help me out. I downloaded A11 from the computer section.
  9. i was wondering is there any software for smartphone whoch allow works by giving full access to the main user (like when putting a password) and give only limited access to the other guest users.( like allowing only media player to be accessed by the guest and no call made by the guest)
  10. GANDUOOOO!!!!!! i said any sim unlocker or pin unlocker for my imate smarphone
  11. thanks for reply but this software doesn't works!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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