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  1. While I have a new phone now, I recently reinstalled my old Blade, and had the occasion to compare the different CM roms. I tried CM10.1 and CM10.2 (from KonstaT, doing a great job) and they are both very laggy sadly, even on fresh installation, but I also tried this CM10, and it's like my blade is new again :)
  2. Thanks, gonna try this one as I'm getting too much reboots with the "10-20121124-KonstaKANG-blade" one :(
  3. Switched to this ROM as I was tired of blank pages and random reboots with my old ICS rom, and there's now some HW acceleration :) Working fine (full wipe of course & reimported SMS/MMS), only having wifi issue too (almost ok if phone start with wifi off then is activated - got this before any modification), 2 random reboot, and on very first boot SU is not working. Also no more need for GoSMSPro with this default SMS app (handling large thread and carriage return) and surprised to see some Google Now features & others (calc, chrono, ..) :) Thanks for this ROM :)
  4. Will this be supported natively (it is because nobody adapted it for JB or native support is removed since ICS ?) ? ("usb" or "tethering" search in this topic give me 0 results ..) I'm currently running ICS (ColdFusionX 9-20120531) which is almost stable, what about JB/this version ? Smooth/same battery life ? Any pros/cons ? Does it still require to "disconnect" from data (connecting to wifi) to fetch mms ?
  5. GPS can be capricious sometime ; got fix in 2min (cold start) in gps status, CFX 31/05. But I remember days I couldn't get fix at all ; is the time correct ?
  6. Got the MMS problem (message not downloading) too today, 2 guess about this : -APN list has been modified, in the wrong way, since GB (server = * instead of nothing ; maybe normal but ..) seems not -Got this problem while on data over mobile ; at home, with data over wifi (>data over mobile free) & after modifying APN (so I don't know which unlocked the download), the download happened, so maybe the system couldn't switch to MMS APN to retreive the message, staying on the internet APN while there is a message waiting ? Also have the graphics problems, gmail/fb not showing content, and rarely, reboots occure. In SMS app, count of SMS before being converted in MMS is not stored also (set to 5, alway come back to 4). Otherwise, it is working fine, thanks for this ROM :)
  7. Not exactly this one for me ; I have to confirm in a future call that it's not my imagination, but I have a "similar" problem : the clock seems to be slower when calling (ex: 19:00, call 10min, call ends at 19:05 in log, report call of 5min, display 19:05, then clock update to 19:10 as expected)
  8. Not directly, apps are only "invisible", or really removed (even if you restore a previous version of S2E) ? After the upgrade, before rebooting, are the settings in S2E ok ? 3 things you can try : -maybe conflict with previous fix, you can flash the rom again (should clean /system from fix), without fixes for S2E (like apps2ext-cm9.zip, simple2ext-vX.zip), boot (sd-ext not mounted so no apps), then install S2E & restore the settings (moved dir's & options), reboot, sd-ext should be in place with your apps -capture a logcat of the failing boot, version 2.1 says a lot of things during the boot (first lines of the boot) so we could see better what's happening -do a full wipe (but I think you would avoid that) You moved apps data to sd-ext ?
  9. S2E 2.1.0 should work natively on CFX now (the only problem was the missing /sd-ext mount point causing mount to fail, I told Oleg about this). I'm now using CXF (which keeps things simple) and except some random reboot (2-3) and the laggy cam (seems fixed), I'm very happy with it for the moment, thank tilal6991 and everyone working on this build (cm9 team, ..). If can be useful, here's what I used : -TPT v10 stock -Amon_RA Recovery (still don't like ClockWorkMod) -Flash CFX 10/05 (after wiping /boot /data /system) -Flash GApps 20120429 -Flash IO File Manager -Booted&enjoyed :) -Installed S2E and a personnal workaround for it (only makes /sd-ext mount point, see attached) -Restore SMS using TB with compatibility mode, manually reinstall apps SD-Ext_MountPoint_Maker.zip
  10. http://www.multiupload.com/GEUD75AMYR Ps : you can use the file fetcher feature of multiupload ;) Anyway, thanks :)
  11. When booting, you can connect your phone to the computer, then "adb shell" (retrying until it works : ~20sec avec being powered ?) and at the prompt, "logcat". Edit : maybe stuck in bootloader/fastboot ? It happened me some time, requiring me to plugin/out usb cable or remove battery
  12. I used this one month ago, I can confirm it is possible (& a bit easier with http://www.connectify.me/), only with no encryption though :/
  13. The question was not intended to you directly actually, I was only quoting the fact the patch is being approved :) The screenshots are from the browser, bookmarks, using the p7 kang.
  14. Are they aware of the graphical glitches (or it is not kernel related) ?
  15. And was working out of the box before, should probably not be mandatory. Anyway : 565, 452 (but seeing the large set of values, this is probably not helpful).
  16. À propos de Commentaires ? Options Alex131089 is ok =)
  17. Might need little changes but it's correct. Edit: 42! TPT Helper French.xlsx.zip TPT Helper French.txt
  18. You should post a string list to translate; I could do French if I have some time.
  19. Actually, this is not working on n131 either and that's not a problem, false alert. mount -t cifs required the -o user&password to work. In CIFS Manager, "iocharset=utf8" option is causing a problem (shared library needed), though it was working on n131 (nls_utf8 removed since or I did something to make it work, but can't remember what). As you noticed, there's no change related to Blade or CM in general, so it's ok ? :mellow:
  20. Too bad :( Edit: Hum, seems that only wpa_supplicant needs to be patched&compiled, can this be done easily ? Any chance that you, or someone with a build environment, could provide it ? :unsure:
  21. Tried but same error (mount is actually a shortcut to busybox and the one included should work); thank anyway.
  22. Yep, here's what I get (even after a reboot) : And CIFS Manager that I previously used don't work anymore. It is regular n152. Btw, have you seen my previous post ?
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