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  1. Rado

    Asus preparing Nexus 7 3G variant?

    lack of 3G is the only thing stopping me from buying this thing... still hesitating - my previous choice was Samsung Galaxy Tab P3100... but seeing how cheaper the nexus is, hmm. I guess I'll wait for a few more weeks to see if the 3G version is in the works or not.
  2. Rado

    OpnMarket - Freeware Marketplace

    Looks really nice, it has a few minor bugs though: When you click "Next page" to view more results, the thumbnails are misplaced - the first thumbnail is duplicated for the first 2 items, and then all of the remaining thumbnails are offset by one When you click "Back" to get to the results, it doesn't remember the scroll position, so you have to scroll down after reading details for each item It would also be nice to get more/larger screenshots integrated in the OpnMarket app
  3. Device Name HTC Touch Diamond Operating System Version Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM type Default ROM
  4. Rado

    Y2K16 (2016) bug - fixed

    Tried both of my WinMo phones: HTC Touch Diamond (Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, original ROM) - not affected good old Orange SPV C500 (Windows Mobile 2003 SE - smartphone, original ROM) - not affected
  5. It's obviously the price. I've got one or two freeware apps for WinMo, but how could they expect anyone paying $99/year (or whatever the amount is) to list freeware apps? It makes sense for commercial app vendors who make profit (whether the annual subscription fee is reasonable is another question though). So with the current terms, they can't really expect the freeware (or cheap) apps to just start appearing in the marketplace. Maybe they could add a different type of membership for those who only want to publish freeware stuff, and another (paid) for those with commercial apps? But as someone already said, making it free would also open the door to a lot of junk apps.
  6. Rado

    Skyfire 1.5 now available

    Just did a very quick test, and it looks nice! Feels responsive, and it's very good at rendering Flash content, whether simple animations, or interactive stuff. URL autocomplete also works nicely. On the other hand, it looks like it doesn't have a password manager or support for tabs (or I just didn't see it). It would take much more time to test it properly though... it stays installed on my Diamond, but I'll probably keep using Opera Mobile as my primary browser, and may launch SkyFire from time to time to play with Flash websites, etc.
  7. Rado

    Fed up of the Windows Mobile Calculator?

    Does this work for anyone on Touch Diamond? I've downloaded the VGA version for storage card installation, and it will launch fine, but shows just a black screen. It doesn't lock - the "About" button on the bottom works and displays proper information. Tapping on the black screen will start showing some weird graphical artifacts, but that's all. :) UPDATE 11/16: I've tried the other one (main memory version), and that one works properly. But I would prefer to install this into storage card... So I guess the real question is - does the storage card VGA version work for anyone? UPDATE #2: OK - tried to install the "internal storage" version into both - main memory and internal storage - doesn't work in either case. Tried to install the "main memory" version into both - works properly from main memory, doesn't work from internal storage.
  8. Rado

    HTC Support Experiences

    I have emailed (or actually used the online support form) of the HTC EU support when my Touch Diamond was new. One of the worst support experiences ever. My issues were some bugs I ran into, which may (or may not - as I never really found out) be related either to the localized version of Windows, or to TouchFlo3D. First of all, it was hard having the support guy really understand what the issue was, and that it was not caused by a setting. Then I was told he's waiting for a reply from technicians (which never came). When I tried to check the status, the ticket was automatically closed by their support system due to inactivity. Funny thing was, I had to open a new ticket, explain almost everything from the start, so I asked if they can re-open the ticket. The support guy told me, sounding a bit insulted, that once something is closed, it obviously cannot be re-opened. Which indicates that they're either not wishing to be helpful, or they have a really useless web support system. I'm a software developer, and part of my responsibilities is also answering 2nd tier customer support (when things get too complicated for non-programmers). So I know how hard this can be. But automatically closing tickets this way, and being unable to re-open them? Crazy... Since then I gave up on them. Non of the issues is critical, and their support is a waste of time anyway. Later I upgraded to SPB Mobile Shell, which has the same issue as TF3D (related to CLIR, and the GSM setting which allows you to disclose your number only to people in your phonebook). They knew what I was talking about, and answered it is not supported. Even with this answer, I was much more happy that I actually received an answer from them.
  9. Rado

    SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 released

    Just upgraded on my HTC Touch Diamond, and 3.5 somehow feels more responsive than 3.0? Maybe it's just a feeling, but it really does feel faster. Also I'm glad it doesn't seem to consume more RAM than 3.0. The 3D carousel works with G-Sensor, though I'm not sure about the usability of this, other than to show off to your friends. :) The 3D SMS view is a nice thing - actually the only thing I missed from Touch Flo 3D. But here the 3D animation is less smooth. It's not bad, but not as smooth as in Touch Flo 3D. I also liked the simple style of Touch Flo 3D SMS view - just plain white letters on dark background.
  10. Tried on HTC Diamond too, the launch time is loooooooooong (50 seconds compared to 8 seconds with Opera) and the first page I tried opening was facebook.com - after double-tapping (I'm used to zoom this way from Opera) Fennec crashed. Didn't feel like trying again :)
  11. Rado

    Google Maps 3.2.1 now out

    Will have to give it a try - thanks! (few minutes later) Yes! I can confirm, watching the free space left in both, main memory and "internal storage" - that's how the built-in card is called on Diamond. Now the main memory is unaffected, while "internal storage" goes down after running and playing with maps. Got latest Google Maps installed in "internal storage".
  12. Rado

    Google Maps 3.2.1 now out

    ...and the ability to configure location for its temporary stuff + cached maps! It always fills up the main memory on my Diamond, while there's loads of space available on the internal storage.
  13. Just a small update for those interested - PIM Backup 2.8 supports WinMo 2003, but only works on PPC, not Smartphones, and while PIMOrganizer 1.1 seems to support WinMo 2003 SE for Smartphones too (it installs and starts successfully) it will crash soon after starting with a "CeOpenDatabase failed" message. Looks like my SMS archive is doomed! :-D
  14. I was just about to try the above program when I learned that my trusty old SPB Mobile Shell can already do this - funny how you discover things like this by chance! I must say that for now - updating just the few of my FB contacts one by one even worked better for me. As a bonus, the SPB Mobile Shell will allow you to select any of the profile photos your contacts have, not just the current profile photo. But I like the fact that Book Sync can also sync birthdays, etc, so perhaps I'll give it a try once it gets out of beta!
  15. Thanks for the tips d3viou5, Radix999 and efjay. MyPhone looks interesting, but it seems it requires WinMo 6+, the PIM backup should work, I'll give it a try.

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