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  1. This is a similar method Google uses for it's Android system for syncing Outlook, i.e cloud based. Why do they go for such a complicated way which could compromise security when the other method is simpler and far more direct? :D
  2. Here you go.... :P http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LYE4HR3O
  3. How original and cool is that!.... :)
  4. Kaspy, the Site has been put back under some Chinese deal, I don't know how long for. You can still download the skins, wallpapers etc. but it is not being updated anymore.. :huh: http://www.nectun.com/index.php
  5. Having a single currency between countries must by nature create more efficient business transactions therefore creating growth. The problem encountered by the Euro has been created by reckless member Countries who have not kept a tight rein on their economies. If the UK had been in the Euro we would have brought it crashing down. We have only been able to carry on by QE (printing money) and by halving our currency value. I don't think the UK can afford to gloat.
  6. No syncing with Outlook or NavnGo IGO8 Navigation ever :D
  7. I had a similar issue with my Diamond 2. I installed the CAB file available for WM6 from the link below and it fixed it.... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=291880
  8. @Echo33 The only bug I found was that if you have more than 4 pages in operation it could freeze. Stick to that and everything should be ok.. :lol: NB. There is a pdf installation guide on p124 post 3,700 in the Pointsense Suite release section.
  9. @darkworldzz Totally agree with your comments. I use WM7 on Throttle launcher myself, have customised to taste, the most intuitive UI and I can see why people will like the official version when released.. :lol:
  10. Hi Echo30, installing Pointui is not flashing your phone, can do no damage as is easily uninstallable. There is no need to purchase it as the free works perfectly. The footprint is not large, can be installed on your storage card and does not bog the phone down. The app works extremely fast and fluently. The Pointsense by Blue ocean is what you need as it gives a near total Android experience. It takes a bit of perseverance to get it up and running but is well worth it. I can run it on my Diamond 2 WVGA with no problems... :lol: NB. Click on the pic to see the animations..
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