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  1. Any ideas on how to get the genie sim card settings to work with gprs and mms on this rom? I've just upgraded my girlfriends phone and she has the genie sim. I've been through loads of posts and seen the first page of this thread but still no joy. Any advice would be great Cheers Rob
  2. Thanks for the tip usdiver. I've found the genie settings post on here so just waiting on the phone coming so I can do all the necessary stuff ;)
  3. Thanks Awarner I understand what you mean now ;) I've done a search and found the unlocking file mcwarre so I am going to try that, thanks for the advice :D I've just bought a c500 on ebay for a decent price but I'm not sure if the phone is app unlocked or not. How would I get the phone app unlocked to put on the required cab file for sim unlocking if I dont have the original orange sim? Doesnt app unlocking require you to give a phone number aswell as the imei number? Thanks again Rob
  4. Thanks Awarner I actually didnt know that flashing the phone was illegal at all, why is this? I just thought leaving the orange firmware on would make it untidy with a 02 sim in and loads of orange crap on. Cheers Rob
  5. Hi I just wondered if anyone could help me with a quick query? My girlfriend has a samsung phone currently with a genie (o2) card inside but now she has seen my c500 on orange she has decided to get rid of hers and get one of these instead because there is so much more you can do with it. Only thing is she wants to keep the pay and go genie card. I've been doing a bit of research from these forums and am I right in thinking that I could: 1 Buy a c500 off of ebay or from the orange shop on pay and go 2 Get the phone sim unlocked via the website imei-check or similar 3 Flash the firmware over to the sp3i or qtek 4 insert her genie card and all is done If this is the case then which firmware is the best, sp3i or qtek? Also how would I go about getting the correct settings for the genie sim? Could i go to the o2 website and get them to send over the settings via text? Any help would be appreciated Regards Rob
  6. Good one I use off of the film eurotrip ;) mail_mofo.wav
  7. Cheers for them tips guys. I've added the plugin as you described arogntbastrd and it looks really good, just how i wanted it. I've left a picture out for now as my homescreen is black and it looks good with the white missed calls text and black background (well i think so anyway 8) ) thanks again Rob
  8. Thanks for that sunoke got it working at last. I did what BrAGoL said and put code before the iconbar and I had to put /> at the end of the background line instead of just > like you said :D Sorry for bugging you all but there is a couple of things i'd like to change to it. I like the background colour (black) as its the same as my wallpaper colour but the text seems to be grey and a little bit too small. Also it shows only a number which is off centre to my screen. I'd like it if it had a little bit more info and larger white text, something like: Missed calls 2 How could i go about doing this little modification? Cheers Rob
  9. Thanks for the info AngelOfRage. I sent an email to the customer services about a week ago now and just received a reply which said that i have an orange online account setup and then went on to show my details. But after logging in again I still cannot setup a new account to view my mobile bills. Oh well i guess il have to give it a month or two to see if they get there act sorted :D cheers Rob
  10. Thanks for the advice BrAGoL but it still doesnt seem to work. I used notepad to edit the xml and dont know if its any use but I can open the original xml file in internet explorer but after i have added the above plugins it comes up the message: The XML page cannot be displayed Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End tag 'plugin' does not match the start tag 'background'. Error processing resource 'file:///C:/Documents and Settings/ro... --^ Any more advice as im totaly useless at this hehe Cheers Rob
  11. I've tried adding the code as above but it doesnt seem to work for some reason. Here's the last part of the xml file that i tried and failed to edit just from the lost calls screen downwards. <!-- Lost calls screen --> <!-- here we write the number of missed calls --> Any more advice please? Thanks again Rob
  12. Thanks for the reply's :D I'm a total newbie but am getting the hang of things slowly. I've opened up the xml file using notepad on my PC and I'm not that bothered about having a picture shown, so would pasting just the first and third part of this code show only the number of missed calls on a blank background? cheers Rob
  13. I'm sure this has been brought up a billion times before but im a n00b and after searching the forums im confused :?: Basically I've found an animated theme I like but it has one thing missing i would like to add. I'd like it if I could add some kind of plugin to show a screen when i get a missed call on my phone and keep it on till i goto my phone. Is this possible on an animated theme as I've seen it done on other themes before. Any advice would be great :D cheers rob
  14. I voted no as I don't use it everyday. Only time i really use it is to send files to friends phones although i'm looking into getting the new tomtom when it arrives so that could change things
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