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  1. Thats a relief was worried because the t & c state: 4.1 A replacement or repair will not be provided under the terms of the insurance where the loss or damage is caused by or consists of: .1.10 any wilful act, neglect or failure to take reasonable care by you or any authorised user or any wilful act or neglect carried out at the direction or instigation of you or any authorised user; 4.1.11 disregard of manufacturer's and/or operating instructions; Will they try to repair it first or just replace it? Squall, have you actually had a phone replaced for this reason?
  2. Well i am now on orange care :lol: Going to wait a couple of weeks and try to get it fixed. Been reading the term and conditions but cant quite figure out if they will cover me for this type of thing. Has anyone Had a phone replaced/repair due to Tequila/water damage?
  3. Thought it sounded too good to be true! Cant really afford to fork out for a new one. Might try opening it up and giving it a clean. Dont suppose anyone has any idea how to open a c500?
  4. So if i register with orangw care telling them what has happened they will repair it no probs?
  5. Some one please help. Was at a party last night and my sister spilled a drink on my C500! Now the keypad is totally screwed up,non of the buttons work except the joystick which isn't working properly! To make things worse i dont have insurance! not holding out much hope for being able to fix it. Is this kind of thing covered by orange care?
  6. installed the qtek rom, this works fine. I take it this is a foreign rom? Is that ok (i'm in uk). Thanks for the help guys
  7. Already done that,still no joy. I read a post in the archive where someone had the same problem and the only way it was fixed was re-installing the 1.5 update. where can i get it?
  8. This is my first post here so just want to say hi to everyone. My problem is i've been trying to unlock my phone but the simunlocker program didn't work because i had the wrong bootloader version so i ran the update to downgrade the bootloader version. Thats when things went wrong! The screen froze at the orange screen so i tried it again. Still no joy! I have since done a hard reset twice but still have the same problem. Has anyone else had this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated as i've only had the phone about thee weeks and didn't take insurance on it!!
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