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  1. AFAIK, if it is a WebNWalk tariff, using Blackberry will cost you ?5 extra per month (instead with ?10).
  2. rockykabir

    Nokia E61 or E70?

    Might give that a try :) - btw, did I mention that the E61 displays 16 million colours? google maps and browsing looks class! :D
  3. rockykabir

    Nokia E61 or E70?

    hmm...I've had WM5 phones and gave the HTC Universal a try but there are some sites that is not properly formatted - with the nokia browser you can view the javascript dropdown menus of ebuyer for example. I don't remember this being possible when I had the Vario. Additionally - for one handed use with its onscreen cursor - internet browsing wins hands down against the bulky Universal and its stylus. I've also found the browsing experience to be a lot quicker - I'm definitely using the internet far more compared to when I had the Vario or the Universal. Another huge benefit is that google doesn't recognize the E61 as a mobile browser - so you can view the google page as you would on a regular computer (except smaller). This basically means that I have regular google web, image, news and froogle search under your fingertips :) Of course, different strokes for different folks - but I definitely rate the nokia browser much more than the current pocket IE browser.
  4. rockykabir

    Nokia E61 or E70?

    If you have an unlimited internet tariff (e.g. WebNWalk), go for the E61 - as the internet browsing function (with the larger screen) is second to none! However, I do occasionally miss the camera.... *Apparently* there is a rumoured e61i that is gonna come out which has a camera.
  5. You can use transcode360 to stream divx videos through your 360 http://www.runtime360.com/ :rolleyes: major prob though....you need windows media center on your PC :(
  6. Great stuff Luca! ;) - thanks for the great insight. I'm looking to purchase the i320 - you mentioned about Google Maps and the IBM J9 - can Googlemaps be accessed directly? (i.e. is there a logo of Google maps on the menu which you can easily access with one click - or do you have to access through a midlet manager?). Hope you enjoy it :)
  7. Great stuff Luca! ;) - thanks for the great insight. I'm looking to purchase the i320 - you mentioned about Google Maps and the IBM J9 - can Googlemaps be accessed directly? (i.e. is there a logo of Google maps on the menu which you can easily access with one click - or do you have to access through a midlet manager?). Hope you enjoy it :)
  8. I'm currently in between OS' at the moment. My last three phones have been Window Mobile based (C500, MDA Compact and Vario) after moving from the traditional nokia sets. I have sinced moved to the nokia E61 after major annoyances with the stability and slowness of the Vario (the Compact, on the other hand, was quite speedy though!). I'm still deciding whether to stick with the E61 or move onto the WM based Samsung i320... As with moving in between any phone manufacturers/OS', you will find some niggles/annoyances in migrating. My main one has to be the T9 type contact recognition you mentioned. Additionally, WM was far more easier to customize and change about to your needs - S60 is far more closed: but I guess that makes the OS more stable. Speed and stability wise, I've had no problems with the E61. Phone functions have been instantenous - the amount of times the Vario stood to a stand still when a phone call came had become ridiculous! The web browser is perhaps the best I've seen in a phone and java apps work on it without me having to using the Java midlet program. Google Maps have been amazing here - and seems to work faster compared to any other phone. But there is still a bit of work to do with the E61. The active standby screen (S60's equivalent of The Today Screen) has very few customization options. The PIM functions are frankly quite limited compared to WM's. Also, the email text is so big and it is clear that more can be fitted onscreen. Unless Nokia fix these aesthetic and functional problems in their next firmware update, I'm likely to take the decision to move back to WM. However, multitasking is far better on the E61 imo.....this is done by simply holding down the menu button. As mentioned, the phone is very stable and fast. The form factor is also better - albeit being quite wide. This factor may change when the i320 comes however..... I still need a little bit more time with the E61 to make a conclusion....but the OS speed and battery life of the E61 makes a pleasant change.... DECISIONS DECISIONS! :)
  9. If purchasing from Germany, would I still have to pay customs?
  10. Yep...similar situation here. Got a Vario and can't wait to get rid of it. The MDA Compact was great...done its job and was fairly stable - but I wasn't really a fan of handwriting recognition for writing emails (my handwriting is terrible!). The Vario was a huge letdown. Granted, the stability improved after the update - but it was still slow and laggy compared to the Compact :D I'm guessing this is down to the low clock speed processor - but you get the impression that other OS' are likely to be more efficient (nothing new there Microsoft!). I'll like to go back to Windows mobile but definitely when they get all their bugs sorted and a phone is released which is fast and has good battery life. However, I don't think I can go back to a "normal" phone after using a smartphone. I'm giving the Nokia E61 a try.....I'm hoping it'll be the perfect blend between the two :)
  11. Nice....will love to try one of these. I think I might just jump in and buy it offline (from the sale of my Vario). Pixmania are charging
  12. Anyone know what processor the i320 will have? v v interested in the progress of this :) To those who have tried it, how was the size? We all know it is extremely compact....but is it too small? the keyboard buttons do look tiny(!)
  13. found it :) http://pdaphonehome.com/forums/htc-pocket-...se-dialing.html Use commas or use lower case 'p'
  14. Done a quick search on google and found this: http://download.microsoft.com/download/4/e...oneCalls_SP.pdf (it is a PDF file - look in page 11) now, it is for smartphones (not windows mobiles) but its principle might be used (i.e. you have to get the "w" in there). I haven't tried this on the Vario yet as it is not with me....lemme know how it goes :)
  15. I apologise for this useless reply but I will be highly interested in this too ;) v good question again mate :)
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