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  1. awginger

    Decert and Unlock Guide

    Excellent guide, well done!
  2. Anyone know of an app that will add the VeriSign Mobile2Market root to the privileged root certificate store?? The reason I ask is that I've found a bit of software for my phone that will let it integrate better with my hand free kit in the car, but I an't get it working and the support guys from the products website have said: "Currently our Hands-free Extension is signed to run on Windows Mobile devices that accept the Mobile2Market code signing. Orange runs its own code authorization program, and our software will need to be approved by Orange in order to run on their Windows Mobile devices. JETware has joined the Orange Partner Program to seek this approval." I asked if he meant about application unlockeing and again he said: "There are two different layers of application locking. The first layer allows you to run normal applications that are not signed. The second, which I "did not think could be disabled, requires that code running in processes that use "privileged" functions or resources be signed with a certificate from a trusted root. It may be that your friends phone has had an application installed that added the VeriSign Mobile2Market root to the privileged root certificate store. I have seen some apps like that floating around the Internet." So................anyone got any ideas?????
  3. As you may have read in an earlier thread of mine I have got Voice Command 1.50 on my C550 and am trying to get it so that when I press the button on my bluetooth car kit it starts voice command instead of the inbuilt voice tag thingy. I'e seen registry changes to do this on other devices but I can't find the key you have to change on my phone. Does anyone know where the key is?? On the other device it is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\OEM\VoiceCommand and you have to modify the string marked "path" from the default \Windows\SDDialer.exe to \Program Files\Voice Command\VoiceCMD.exe but I also can't find any file called 'SDDialer.exe' in the Windows directory. :??: I hope someone can help me?? Cheers, awginger
  4. Nice one! I didn't find that when I searched!!
  5. I've got an Orange C550 and I don't seem to be able to change my right soft key, does anyone know how to do this?? On my old T-Mobile SDA there was a setting in the menu to do it but there isn't on my C550.
  6. I've now application unlocked my voice and got it installed!! YAY!! With Voice Command you don't have to record any voice tags you can just speak at it straight away. The next thing I want to do is get it so that I can press the button on my bluetooth car kit to initiate Voice Command. I've seen post on how to do it on other devices but not the 550, can anyone help out there??????
  7. awginger

    Bluetooth Dialing

    I don't have a HKLM>Software>OEM> key on my C550, do you where this setting is on my phone as I'm trying to do the same thing!
  8. Might be because you have it installed on the Storge Card instead of on the Phone memory?
  9. Any ideas how to do this on a C550??? HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\OEM\ does not exist on my phone??
  10. Not that I know of, I take it I can find out how to do that somewhere on here??
  11. I've got an Orange c550 and am trying to install MS Voice Command 1.5 omy phone but when I am doing it I am getting an error saying that it is not for my device when Mickysoft's website clearly says that it is. I managed to get hold of another copy and that one installs but when I select which memory to install it on it says it "Installtion failed. The program or setting cannot be installed because it does not have adequate system permissions". Anyone else had this problem and/or know what is wrong???
  12. Mine is the same and I have had the volume problem from the day I got it! Last Friday!!
  13. I have just checked your .xml file and put it on my T-Mobile SDA and still get ??? for my SD card. Any other ideas??
  14. Does anyone know if it is possible to get a smartmonitor plugin for Ruttensoft so I can create stuff in there that uses smartmonitors utils?? Cheers,

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