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  1. kamawell

    My dead Vario

    My aging but reliable T Mobile Vario has just died :D I think the problem may be related to a stuck reset button - when I tried a hard reset there's no movement in the button. Has anyone any advice about trying to repair it or dismantling the Vario? Thanks Andy
  2. I'm in the last month of an 18 month contract with T Mobile. I've not upgraded a contract phone before (I ditched Orange at the end of my previous one to get the Vario.) I've got a Vario and, like a lot of others I guess, I'm hanging on see when the Kaiser gets released. Looking at the T Mobile site to see what it would cost me to upgrade to the VarioII (just to get an idea) it tells me £289! That way more expensive than taking out even the shortest, cheapest new contract. Is this normal? Is there anything to stop me just ending my current contract and taking a new one when the Kaiser comes out if that works out cheaper?
  3. My 18 months is nearly up and I'm looking for advice on where to go after the Vario. As I'm on tmobile and enjoying the unlimited data I'm inclined to stick with them and look at the Vario II. Would anyone care to comment or point me in another direction?
  4. kamawell

    Talking to T Mobile

    Yes but I haven't had good experiences with that method in the past - it got extremely drawn out to the point I think I would have been better off paying to call them. Thanks though.
  5. kamawell

    Talking to T Mobile

    You know, I didn't think of that. Went into town today and, once they'd told me to ring 150 and I'd told them I didn't want to at 50p a minute, they sorted me out with the unlimited data add on. I was pleasantly surprised at how helpful the chap was. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. kamawell

    Talking to T Mobile

    I've just read Swampie's post a few topics down on this page about a sudden surge in data usage - I'm in the same boat myself this month for no clear reason. Looking on T Mobile's site switching to an unlimited data plan seems like the way forward but I'm wary about spending 50p a minute talking to customer services. Is there any other way of talking to them about changing my plan?
  7. kamawell

    Suddenly no WiFi on my Vario

    Thanks Chucky. Not running Resco, no. This problem has now persisted through a soft and then hard reset. Guess it's time to report it to T-mobile unless anyone has any other suggestions.
  8. Tried to turn the wifi on on my T-Mobile Vario this morning and nothing happens. The little red cross on the comms manager button stays where it is and if I tap the GPRS icon on the task bar at the top there's now no option to turn on wifi whereas there was before. Everything else seems OK. I did have to press the soft reset button last night but I've done that before and not had this happen. Apologies if this is something simple but I'm new to the Vario and can't see how to fix this.
  9. kamawell

    New MDA Vario ROM released

    I'm just thinking of making the move from the C500 to the Vario myself. What kind of problems did you have?
  10. Is there any way of storing text messages so that they can be repeatedly sent as needed - a bit like a more elaborate version of the 'insert text' feature. If it can't be done by the c500 unaided does anyone know of an app that could do the job? Thanks K

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