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  1. BTW, a word of warning... The Java Midlet Manager will cane your battery if you don't kill it with Task Manager after you've finished using it. It killed my SPV C500 from full charge in 1 day - and I was away for the weekend without my charger :) Also just had an issue with the Opera Mini Browser where it and / or the Java Midlet Manager has just consumed all the memory in the phone so I couldn't even load Task Manager to kill it! Had to power off instead...
  2. I've had exactly the same issue but after talking to 2 seperate Orange Trial guys (thanks Richard, thanks Nick) I've now managed to install the browser on my SPV C500 :) Ok, so you have to partly use your SPV for this and partly a PC. So you need to get to the point where you see the text version of the Midlet you're trying to install. 1) Select "Add to Favourites" 2) Put the URL you see in your PC Web browser address bar and hit return - save the JAD file (mini.jad) in a known location. 3) Open the "mini.jad" file in a text editor. 4) Copy the MIDlet-Jar-URL value into your PC Web browser address bar and hit return - save the JAR file (mini.jar) in a known location. 5) Copy the mini.jad and mini.jar files to "My Smartphone\storage\My Documents" 6) Load the Java Midlet Manager by navigating to "Java" on the start menu. 7) Select the "Install" option and you should see "mini" listed. Install "mini". 8) Follow the on-screen instructions. You know have a fully installed and running Opera Mini browser... and will probably now be hitting the next problem that I have - no network connection from the browser even though I have one from Pocket IE! ;)
  3. For industry insiders MS's convergence strategy is nothing new, however some of the key devices in this strategy are only now becoming available. Here is the beginnings of the cross over from one of MS's new devices and Windows Mobile powered smart phones: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4534356.stm
  4. Damn, perhaps Orange are missing a trick as it's standard on the i-Mode handsets that O2 are rolling out. We're definitely going to be doing something in this space soon so perhaps it'll be on the O2 i-Mode portal...
  5. Hi Paul, I didn't see any mention of it in the Flash thread, so I'm interested to know if Windows Mobile 2005 supports Flash / Flash Lite? Might be doing something at work with mobile Flash, so I would be interested to know ;-) Seems to be gaining some momentum in terms of interest even in my industry... Cheers,
  6. Same here! The day GT4 gets released on the PSP is the day I buy a PSP ;-)
  7. Like watching motorsport (F1, WRC, BTCC, DTM, Le Mans) but enjoy participating much more ;) Did a spot of tarmac rallying at uni in a 1380cc rally spec mini and did the odd other car related thing like skid pan training and stuff. Recently did a Caterham Motorsport organised slalom day which involved caning a Caterham Super 7 with race suspension and clutch around a cone filled car park - excellent fun... dougnuts around a cone anyone? :)
  8. Indeed - I seem to remember James' brother getting pics of pretty much everyone, so IMO Paul has showed a great deal of restraint and for that Cocky ought to be extreemly grateful. Glad you got the phone back in the end.
  9. I don't seem to have had anything either... Have checked for accidental spam folder filing but no joy.
  10. And this explains what a Venturi tunnel is... http://people.bath.ac.uk/dab21/downforce.htm :D
  11. Looks like this what the real one is going to look like (see bottom of page) - seems like it might be the same a the back (although whether you'll get a semi-venturi like the show car is probably open to debate) but the front has had a bit of a working over for the better... http://www.caranddriver.com/article.asp?se...article_id=8707
  12. I brought a C500 compatible bluetooth headset from an Orange store before the car chargers were available on their own and it had a car charger included for the £40 or whatever it was, so if you want a bluetooth headset as well then that route might be worth considering.
  13. Actually it almost got me - but fortunately I sussed it before saying anything ;-)
  14. Well if you want the functionality of digital and the looks of analogue, then you could do worse than try my watch - Nixon Super Hero (I've got the one with the black face on the left). You can turn of the digital display so on the analog display is visible. :)
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