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  2. Have to say im loving my hudl 2 . even if it had been double the price it would have been good value IMHO. In use its difficult to tell the difference between it and my "high end(lastyear)" note 3. Everything works great, and im loving Stock android over that samsung "TouchWizSlow" rubbish. The GPS works great, as does the compass, and video through youtube and plex is perfect. It even plays games pretty well. Couldnt get GTA:SA to start, but not a problem since the android port of that is flawed as it doesnt support gamepads properly [without rooting], but Max Payne 3 runs great at full res. OSMAND works great on it too, Battery isnt bad either. Seems to drop slower than my Note 3 under heavy use. Negatives: 1. Touch screen not sensitive enough (had to remove screen protector to make it work nice) 2. PlexAPP crashes quite a lot (but it crashes sometimes on my Arm note 3) 3. GTA:SA wont start 4. Nester NES simulator wont start Recommend this thing to anyone
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    So how come the compass on this thing works so much better than my Note 3??? its a very capable nice device...
  4. I dont have a good experience with them. My Touch Pro 2 stopped working 2 or 3 months ago, and I rang HTC, and the following happened: 1. They arranged a time for a courier to collect the phone. 2. The courier failed to turn up 3. They re-arranged another time 4. They picked up the phone, and emailed me saying it would take 2 weeks to repair 5. After 2 weeks I phoned them and they told me the phone had water damage (because of a sticker on the outside that had gone slightly red), and they wouldnt repair it. They also complained about having HardSPL on it (but with the offical OS rom) 6. I told them there was no way it was water damaged, and it was none of their business what software i flashed on it. 7. They said they would look into it and get back to me. 8. I chased it a week or 2 later, and they said they wouldnt change their mind 9. I wrote them a letter threatening small claims court, and waited weeks and weeks 10. They contacted me and said in fact they would repair the phone, and that it /wasnt/ water damage that caused the problem, and promised a delivery a few weeks ago 11. The delivery didnt happen 12. I chased again, and again, and they kept promising it would arrive soon 13. It came back. Unrepaired, with a letter saying they wouldnt repair it 14. contacted HTC again, they agreed it was a cock up, and would send a courier to pick it up again today. 15. Courier arrived, and it went back to HTC today (13/11/09). 16. Waiting again... Their service is awful. It should have been a simple pick up and repair job, but it took 15 actions (so far) to get anything to happen. To be fair to them, they are polite, and apologetic about it (unlike Vodafone who are a**holes). Also, a mate at work sent off a Touch HD and had a similar experience (returned unrepaired, then returned repaired but with a scratched up screen, then finally returned fixed). They really need to pull their socks up if they are gonna compete with Apple and Android and Nokia Maemo... this will be the last year that HTC have the best phones in terms of specs - the Milestone looks kinda nice, as does the n900 George
  5. Today HTC contacted me and agreed to mend the phone... woohoo :) g
  6. I didnt realise the sticker was on the outside until I looked at another touch pro 2... i reckon it got made red by me just handling it with sweaty hands... im always switching the sim-cards because im a tech-head!
  7. Hi, Just a warning to people who are thinking of buying a phone made by HTC - My 6 month old Touch Pro 2 stopped working (microphone fault), and I sent it off for repair, and HTC want to charge me £320 to have it fixed. They have quoted for a new motherboard, new LCD (old one is perfect) and new plastic case (again, old one is perfect). Thing is, im absolutely certain that it wasnt water damaged - its never left my person since ive had it, and no accidents have occurred. They are saying that it got wet on the basis of a sticker in the phone turning pink (They emailed me photo of it) - attached. In my opinion, that sticker is too sensitive, as it must have gone pink from either natural moisture in the air, or perhaps from by breath. Or it was never white in the first place... I have written a recorded delivery letter to both their head office, and to their UK repair centre, which should have arrived yesterday (Thursday 1st Oct) at the latest. I have explicitly asked them to acknowledge receipt. I am awaiting this now. Has anyone else had experience of the UK repair centre refusing to repair a under-warrenty phone? did you get anywhere? Copy of letter I sent them: " Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to complain about the customer service provided by your UK repair centre. In short, I sent a Touch Pro 2 in for warranty repair, and they are claiming that it has water damage. They say that on the basis of a sticker inside the phone that has turned pink. I am absolutely certain that the phone has never been in contact with water. It has been on my person since purchase, and even gets put in a plastic bag when it rains. I am unsure how sensitive that sticker is, but it seems to me that it is too sensitive. Also, how can you prove that the sticker wasn’t pink before I received the phone? The phone in question is a Touch Pro 2. Your repair ref is 09GBD38000XXXX. The IMEI is 3588450XXXXXXXX I have been promised several calls back from your helpdesk, none of which have actually happened. They tell me that all authority lies with the repair centre, and that they have to ‘make a case’ to them to get the repair done without me paying. They have failed to feedback any progress to me. I also believe that the repair centre is quoting for unneeded work, as they have quoted for replacing the motherboard, LCD and case, the latter 2 of which I know to be perfect, as the LCD worked before I sent it off, and the case is in pristine condition. Ive been a customer of HTC for many many years. I have bought at least one HTC device a year since the original orange c500. Ive owned the c500, c550, wizard, hermes, kaiser, o2 xda exec, touch pro and now the rhodium. I expected better from HTC. Im not going to let this drop. I paid the best part of £500 for the phone, looked after it, and then submitted it to you for what was clearly a warranty fault. It is unacceptable that you refuse to repair a £500 phone after 6 months. I dispute entirely that it has been water-damaged. My contact details are [email protected] (preferred) or 07709 xxx xxx I hope that this can be resolved amicably between HTC and myself, but if you continue to refuse to honour your warranty obligations, I am happy to take it to the UK small claims court to get satisfaction. Can I also request that you acknowledge receipt of this letter, either in writing or by email please. I have sent this letter by recorded delivery to both the central HTC office and the repair centre. Finally, I have comprehensive extended contents insurance on my home policy. If I had indeed dropped the phone in water etc. I would have simply claimed on that, rather than sending it off for repair. "
  8. I got mine yesterday from Clove. So far im very pleased with it. I upgraded from the Touch Pro, and am loving the larger screen. Its clear and seems nice and sensitive. The radio reception seems way better than the touch pro - there are only a couple of deadspots on the train to work now (bexleyheath line to London), whereas with the touch pro it was dead for the entire first half of the journey. The GPS seems to be pretty much the same. It got a fix a bit quicker, but seems to 'wonder' like the touch pro. This is in central london, so multi-path issues are most likely at play. Havent fully tested to see if the lag issue is fixed The keyboard is great (except the lack of a TAB key - grrrrr), and the whole device feels a lot quicker than the touch pro. I put this down to being a fresh install of WinMob tho... im expecting it to slow down with use. TouchFlo is still not for me. I find the default WinMob interface just fine, although i would like to be able to choose bits of touch flow that I like (im looing at the new grid start menu). Its all or nothing though. Slight bug in that if you turn off touch flo, the programs menu is enlarged in landscape mode such that you cannot see the Programs option. Fixed that by deleting the registry entries for the HTCMenu service. All my software works perfectly with the larger screen, which is nice All in all, this is looking to be the best phone ive ever owned - its my favourate since the Kaiser (the Touch Pro is very cute, but poor radio performance ruined it for me to a certain extent) The camera also seems pretty sharp, but not yet tried it indoors in the evening, so cannot really comment on that yet. Love the touch-to-focus feature. Im also missing the hardware 'enter' button. Im hoping to find some soft to remap the useless windows key to enter (or the useless back key). Of course, a mini-review wouldnt be complete without the obligatory winge that there is no standard headphone socket Score so far - 9/10
  9. Still an ongoing saga. Written up full story at http://www.georgestyles.co.uk/imatecustomerservice.htm (Posted to this thread as its number 3 in Google search for iMate customer service)
  10. Hi, Im having huge problems getting iMate to fix my Ultimate 9502. Ive written up my experiences with them here http://www.georgestyles.co.uk/imatecustomerservice.htm I suggest anyone thinking of buying a iMate device should read this and re-consider. regards George Styles
  11. Deleted again. Reposted at http://forums.imate.com/IMate_Service_Leve...K/m_3583/tm.htm g
  12. They have deleted my message again... iMate must be ashamed of their customer service if they cannot handle a true account of my experience on their board. They havent blocked my account yet, so ive re-posted at http://forums.imate.com/m_3569/mpage_1/key_/tm.htm#3569 g
  13. Hi, I realise that... i am a big fan of Modaco, and know u are a respected, independent 'good guy' ;) the message was a copy/paste from a message i posted to iMates offical board, which they did indeed remove quick-smart... ive started another thread at http://forums.imate.com/Bad_customer_servi...e/m_3559/tm.htm on their board, and am waiting for them to notice and remove it... sheesh! cheers g
  14. Hi, What was unfair about my comments? they are a simple statement of fact. The worst thing iMate can do IMHO is get a reputation for poor customer service, on top of their reputation for unfinished devices! they should be shooting for HTC standards, not a race to the bottom towards Toshiba! g
  15. Hi, I posted this to iMates offical forum yesterday, and they deleted it! since then, they have failed to call be back yesterday (which they promised to do). If you are in the UK make sure you AVOID IMATE - their customer service is rubbish. george (original message posted, then censored on the offical iMate 9502 board) Hi, I bought a 9502 on release day from Clove, for around £500. It lasted all of 2 and a half months, before the buttons stopped working. Clove recommended sending it to sbe limited for repair, which I did, 3 weeks ago. Firstly, they tried to quote me £150 for the repair. I emailed them, and got no response after a week. So I phoned them, and was told that it would be repaired for free, and be back within a week. Ive now waited 3 weeks, during which I sent sbe 3 more emails, all of which have been completely ignored. I phoned them up today, and after being on hold for 25 minutes, they finally answered, and said they are awaiting parts, and will call be back with more info... I will post here if they do, but I doubt they will! They told me they have a massive backlog of emails to get through - thats a shame for them, but its not good enough for iMate to be successfull in this market. Ive since bought a HTC Touch Pro, and, guess what? it works... I will never buy another iMate device again, and i suggest noone else does either. The device itself doesnt work very well at all (keeps hanging, slow, reminds me of the failed toshiba g900, but not QUITE as bad as the tosh). The Touch Pro, despite being practically the same chipset, works very very well in comparasion. On the iMate ultiamte, the old Windows Mobile problem that it cannot keep up with my typing occurs. I have to literally tap one key, wait for it to respond, and then tap the next key and so on. The Touch Pro has the innovation of a keyboard buffer - if it cant keep up, it remembers what I typed, and processes the keys when it can. We were also promised an official WM61 update in august... suprise suprise, that hasnt happened either. The battery life is also crap compared to the Touch Pro (even though the iMate has a higher capacity battery). I put this down to lack of graphics accelleration on the iMate - you can literally see it struggle to redraw the home screen, whereas on the touch pro, it just happens instantly. If you want any support at all on your phone DO NOT BUY IMATE. They are obviously too small a company to offer proper support (disclaimer - ive never had to use HTC's support, because their devices work, so I cannot comment on it, but I doubt the networks would let them get away with this poor level of support). I will post an update tommorow (or before if SBE actually bother to ring back). Does anyone have an email address for iMate themselves, so I can complain about sbe - surely iMate will want to know their reputation is being trashed be SBE??? their web page doesnt seem to offer any email address (a good way to keep pesky customers off their backs i guess), and their live support is only available for a couple of hours in the morning - i will try it tommorow). A mobile phone is only valuable for 12 months IMHO (as I replace mine every year), so I have lost at least 1/12 of the value of the iMate, just by not having it for this time. Even if the repair is slow, a good start would be to use a repair company that actually has the staff / resources to answer emails / phones. I dont feel like a valued customer. ps. IMate - if you delete this forum message, I will make it my business to post it on as many mobile phone related forums as possible (modaco, xda developers etc). /disappointed george
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