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  1. Current Device: HTC Touch Dual as a phone & Artemis(O2 Orbit) for Sat Nav Jawbone BT Headset for long journeys - nokia carkit (Bluetooth) for around town Next Device: HTC S740 - I need keys to dial whilst driving, really can't get on with touch screen on my dual. Have tried a friends Iphone and am tempted but smartdial on WM is so very useful.
  2. Hi Guys Been getting used to my Touch Dual over the last couple of weeks. A few questions: I'm running Niki Project Rom v1.0 WM6.1 CE OS 5.2.19716 ( Build 19716.1.1.0 ) 1) I can't open PDF email attachments - is there a CAB that I can install? 2) I use my Bluetooth CarKit or Jawbone but can't tell if it's connected without starting dialing - is there a way to put the headset symbol on the bar at the top of the home screen. 3) The headset & carkit both default to a different ringtone which overrides the ones I have for different contacts - is ther a way to change it? 4)Is there a CAB to change the calender soft button on the home screen to new SMS - I seem to remember having one for my old Organge C500. - I've never done any registry tweaking (happy to give it a try if someone can point me in the direction of an idiots guide) 5) When the notification soft button comes up (new text/email/missed call etc) I'd like to be able to open it in full screen not just the abbreviated version at the bottom. 6) Can I take a picture of a business card and it transfers data to contacts (seem to remember seeing that somewhere too). Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Totally agree, Cdrider. Something the size of the nokia with WM6 would be ideal.
  4. I'm picking up an Orbit today and wanted to know what programs are really useful/must haves. Should I change to WM6 Rom before loading anything else?
  5. I'm currently using TomTom 6 on a Nokia E50 with a bluetooth GPS but the screen is too small and time to destination etc is hard to read. I use it quite a bit so was contemplating getting a dedicated Satnav but the the PDA side of things would be useful on the Orbit. I'll probably keep my nokia as a phone (got a car kit). Is the Orbit good enough to use as a standalone SatNav. On another point does Camera Aware work in a similar fashion to a Road Angel?
  6. We've just upgraded from C600 to M3100 at work. Been plying around trying to get the alarm sorted. Any sounds do need to be a WAV file and stored in Windows on the device. On my device I can't access this via active sync (not sure if work have hidden the file :) Long winded but worked for me.
  7. I had the problem with the joy stick and the dusty screen so thought I'd give this a try. All went fine, put it back together and realised I'd left a nice greasy thumb print on the screen. :D It's probably something relatively simple as the speaker works and headset works but when I answer the phone normally the other person can hear me but I can't hear them. Any suggestions?
  8. I've just installed AbstractStart thinking it would let me re-arrange the icons to any order I like but it doesn't or am I missing something.
  9. Interesting. I was thinking of changing the other way round. Thought WIFI on XDA Mini S and bigger screen woud be better and maybe keep c600 for use at weekends. Have C600 with TomTom at the moment but keep getting problems dialing since ROM update for push email.
  10. I have exactly the same problem sometimes making calls via speed dial or re-dial or anything for that mater. The other thing it does is says it's connected to a cal when it's not. ;) Is this phone too clever for itself, I need to be able to make phone calls on it first and foremost. <_<
  11. I've had the exact same problem both with Answering Calls and Speed Dials since work uploaded the new ROM for push emails. Also noticed there seems to be quite a lag between dialing a number and hearing anything. Sometimes even the ansaphone speed dial has dissapeared.
  12. I've been having similar problems, working fine one minute then radomly crashing :x I'll have to try try it without POI. Got to say I'm not overly impressed with the C600 seriously considering going back to my trusty C500.
  13. It works, but it's a bit too frilly for me. I was really after the original version that I had on my Nokia 6310i it was discreet and distinctive. Thanks for your help though.
  14. Thanks, I have already got that, really wanted the monophonic version.
  15. I have exactly the same problem. The house is rendered which could explain it. I might give the aertial a try. Thanks.
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