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  1. Hi, a user of Automatic Keylock reported me that automatic keypad locking doesn't work for him on the Wings. As I don't own a Wings, I need you to help me with this problem. Can any Wings user with a few minutes of spare time please give me the following information: - dump of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\QuickApp - contents of the Quickapp menu Thanks a lot!
  2. I've added a feature which keeps the backlight off while the screensaver is running even on keypresses (to save power). You can see the screensaver if you press Volume Up or Down. If you do not like this behaviour, you can switch it off by setting the registry value HKCU\Software\maniac\AutoKeylock\DisableLightWorkaround to 1.
  3. I think you mean the call forward icon (which is displayed whenever the permanent call forwarding is enabled). Sorry, but this software is Smartphone only (not PocketPC) ;) The "missed call & message" counter on WM2K3 is now cleared by a double press on the "Hangup" button. DO you mean notifications on the screen saver or notifications by playing sound (page 5)? For the latter case - do you have "Notifications" on page 1 checked? I hope you didn't forget to put the WM5 version on that :) It's normal that the time gets resets when pulling the battery, but I have never seen the screen saver freeze when using ActiveSync :D I will have a look.
  4. I think the best way is to ask the author about a translation. His mail address is [email protected]
  5. No, it just asks the phone about the currently connected cells. What is your phone model and the interval you have set? An interval of 1 or 2 minutes should be sufficient for the most users. PS: Questions regarding CPS normally should go into the forum on the homepage.
  6. That's the question I ask myself, too ;) Why funny? I have developed it :P In principle, it is possible to keep the LCD on with backlight off. You can see that if you add the registry value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/CurrentControlSet/Control/Power/State/On/BKL1: (DWORD) and set this value to 3. When the device is used normally, the backlight will stay off while the LCD is on. Unfortunately, this does not work for the BacklightOff state ;)
  7. I do not guess so. A lot of people have asked me how to do this as they want to use the screen saver in Automatic Keylock. You are wrong...the LCD being enabled does not drain a lot of power. The backlight being enabled permanently does. I guess that's the origin of his question :P On my previous Typhoon (T-Mobile SDA), I had enabled the LCD all the time and the battery usage was moderate. I had a stand-by time of at least 3 days. Did you have a look at Automatic Keylock? ;)
  8. Go to http://maniac.fschreiner.de, navigate to "Downloads" -> "Automatic Keylock" and choose the appropriate version. Only there you will always get the newest version ;)
  9. The key codes are 182 (0xb6) for the Contacts key and 177 (0xb1) for the Messaging key.
  10. I think you should upgrade your xBar to the latest version (3.2) ;)
  11. Try plugging in your device on a PC without ActiveSync ;)
  12. This is planned for 2.0 and already implemented, but needs some more work as it isn't 100% stable yet ;)
  13. Yes, indeed. The exe file (or any other file) is to be entered in the format: "" (if the path contains spaces) or (if it does not contain spaces).
  14. The uninstall problem was related to the disappearing menu problem. The config tool crashed, but remained in memory. The uninstall tries to close that one and thus hang, too.
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