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  1. I'd really like to be able to press a button on my headset cord to skip to the next track in Windows Media, like any decent MiniDisc/portable CD player can (plus rewind, play, pause etc.). Has anyone dug into the Hermes USB connector to see which pins are accessible through software? Is this perhaps what they had in mind when they designed this connector? Are we going to see something from HTC that makes full use of it in the future?
  2. rolywalter

    UMTS on vodafone sim & Orange M3100

    Fixed. For your reference: - call Voda and get them to enable 3G. Wait for the network to catch up - took 30 minutes for me. Now it says U in the top bar instead of G.
  3. Hi, just unlocked an orange M3100 to use on my Vodafone sim card, but I want to get UMTS to work. Do I need to ring up Voda to enable it? I've never used UMTS before. How can I tell if it's working - will it say "U" at the top rather than "G"?
  4. Just wondering if anyone had had a chance to try out their Hermes as a 3G modem? I'd be interested to see how fast it is compared with GPRS. Also, can you attain top speeds over bluetooth or is it USB only for max bps?
  5. rolywalter

    Looks like im waiting until Monday

    I ordered mine yesterday (on O2) before lunch - got my tracking number but Interlink appear to have never heard of it - I typed it into their website system. It's supposed to arrive today, according to BuyMobilePhones - anyone have any experience of the tracking number not being on their website but them still delivering the goods?
  6. I spoke to someone at BuyMobilePhones who said the o2 phone would be coming out in 'a couple of weeks'... I think I might hang on til then, perhaps it will be discounted even more than getting the qtek 9100 on a contract
  7. rolywalter

    K-Jam - Try before I buy

    I just had a go on it in Tottenham Court Road - I must say it's very nice. Build quality seems excellent. The keyboard slide is nice and stiff and doesn't feel like it's going to come apart ever. One-handed operation is definitely a possibility. The chap there said Skype worked no problem at all. If I were to make one criticism I would say I think I'm faster on the T9 popup keyboard than on the real thing. The buttons are quite stiff so you have to press rather than tap. And you have to use your thumbs really, unless you place it on a surface. Problem with putting it on a surface is that it wobbles slightly because the weight isn't all on the keyboard side.
  8. rolywalter

    C500 vs P900

    I just faced the same choice and I went for the P900. It's a fantastic phone, and the quality of everything is... impressive. More impressive than the E200. But there are a few things that are driving me MAD and I'm tempted to sell it in favour of the C500: - storage card only goes up to 128Mb which means not many MP3s and it won't play WMA files so I'll have to convert them all - Doesn't sync categories from Outlook. I'm was a heavy user of PowerTools which I used to help me organise my work. The task manager on the P900 isn't nearly as good as powertools and 3rd party applications just don't seem to be as good as the smartphone apps. - I think it's quicker writing emails using T9 than the handwriting recognition. - Calendar is easier and quicker to use on the SPV - cradle is a bit annoying However, on the plus side for the P900 - Opera web browser is fantastic and actually makes it worthwhile using the web - much better than SPV - Big screen, great for viewing attachments and long emails. In fact, it's a complete joy to read emails. If you're rarely at your computer, this could be the winning factor. - Everything just works brilliantly, and great battery life - Don't be too put off by the size, it seems to fit my pockets okay. - good resale value on ebay Factors I've ignored because they're irrelevant to me personally: - MSN messenger - Games - Fancy stuff like downloading ringtones etc. - photo quality / videos / MMS For me as an IT consultant it offers little more value in practice than the SPV. I think the ideal combo is a tiny phone e.g. C500 with a tiny bluetooth laptop, rather than trying to merge these devices into one. I love gadgets but I have no time for useless ones - I tried the XDA 2 as well - doesn't fit in a pocket, therefore useless. I think if you're going to use these things to type lengthy documents then you need a keyboard. In which case, think about how having one of those will affect your decision. MPx anyone...?!!
  9. Well... I tried the XDA2 and thought it wasn't up to much, but then I'm not a PPC user - I think I can type quicker using T9 than any stylus mechanism. It's the keyboard that makes the MPx appealing for me, as long you can still use it as a phone easily. But now I think about it, it's more likely to go for £400+ on ebay without a contract... hmmmmm...
  10. Anyone else facing this dilemna? My contract is up for renewal next week. I don't know about you guys but I see renewal as a once-a-year opportunity to get a handset at a knock-down price, so do I get the C500 or wait a few months for the MPx? Ideally, I'd get the C500, then sell it on ebay (let's say for £200 after 2 months of use) and buy the MPx on ebay (let's say for £350). Does that sound like a reasonable margin? Or, I could wait and get the MPx through Orange and not bother with the C500, and perhaps the margin would be less than £150. Anyone got any ideas /plans / understand me?!
  11. I think this is a fantastic app - but can I get rid of the v. loud and annoying DONK sound when I press a menu button?!
  12. This looks brill. But how do I change the registry with SP2003? I don't think that phm thing works does it?
  13. rolywalter

    E200 ROM version changes...

    Before I get too excited, is this going to be something I can do for my own E200 in the future?
  14. rolywalter

    SURVEY: working SD cards

    SanDisk ULTRA II works fine (256Mb) no obvious speed improvement through the SPV but I haven't tried it with a card reader
  15. rolywalter

    E200 - Update availability

    24. Let me read and write to my DaneElec SD card! It worked on my E100...

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