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  1. hi can anyone help i used to use an mp3 file for my sms alert on my old spv1500 my new about 6 months now spv3100 how can i do the same i do remeber you can do it with a prog if so what was it and is there a free ver also i am sure i read somewere that it can be done without but with some techi stuff anyone help ???? thanks stew
  2. hi sorry my last message seemed a bit garbled ok will try again i have two phones one mine and one my bros now mine was on orange and i used the free unlocking tool v3a and it worked fine unlock the phone brill no probs at all now the problem is with my bros he has one on tmobil modle herm300 it wont unlock at all seems the software wont touch it at all can anyone help please thanks for looking stew
  3. please can someonr help as i have tryed to unlock this phone 2 or three time to no avail have done orange version seems to have worked but this when a orange sim is inserted keeps say sim locked but is ok when tmobil is inseted anyone got any idea thanks stew ok on further inspection on the orange one it has herm100 and on the tmobile herm300 also there is a button missing the one under the spv sign that takes you stright to keypad for dialing thanks stew
  4. hi guys can anyone sugest software to manage send and receive sms mesages while phone connected to pc have found some but cant get then to work with my spv 1500 thanks in advance stew
  5. about three to four weeks ago then reminded him last week
  6. sorry guy's maybe i am thick or just cant find a theme genorator desperate for one i even joined the plus section to get the one there but no response from paul can anyone tell me were to get a good home screen designer prog wuold like a free be but willing to pay. thanks lads ps realy love this site
  7. Ok I have found a problem I have a c500 and when I am playing mp3's all is ok till i receive a txt message then vol drops when mess tune is played now the vol stays at that low vol and does not go back up without resetting phone yet it works fine when call is made no prob anyone had similar probs. also have we solved the answer phone tel number storage prob as i still cant get it stored on this new ver operating system. thanks for any help rgds stew
  8. Hi anyone help were can I get a reg edit program I am in need ? I have serched this site but cant find one HELP please Stew
  9. stewrose

    Modaco plus

    Thanks disco stu cheers mate
  10. stewrose

    Modaco plus

    Hi paul or any modirator can someone tell me after paying for plus how long before i actually get membership. and would like access to plus area thanks rgds stew
  11. The ringtone was on the sd card but quite amazed that it kept the setting i had no change to do the other thing is i think the memory has changed i should have noted the different memory cat. and there sizes before i upgraded but i seem to thin that thw phone is using more system memory than before
  12. well i have to say I have done it but there are one or two things that i notice hapen 1) the ring tone that i had installed and using stayed on the phone didnt have to reinstall that. 2) phone had to be app unlocked so that is true 3) phone still sim unlocked so that worked 4) windows midia player 10 like it lot better than old 9 lot more feature and better to use 5) have had some difficulties with blue tooth but not investigeted properly yet anyone else got any coments
  13. OK gents i ahve been waiting for this upgrade as long as everyone. but before i upgrade is it possible that someone who has done the upgrade sucsessfully please answer a question for me before i upgrade i have read all the comments here and some are conflicting i know this does happen but can some one right a crib sheet telling everyone what they are or are not going to a) lose :) gain c) sim lock d) app lock e) the best way for sucsess we have done this before and as this is so important cos you can do some damage right Thank stew :roll: :exclaim: :?:
  14. got it working had loaded full version now loaded demo thanks ;)
  15. Hi mabey i am missing somthing but downloaded the demo and it is asking for an unlock code is this the demo if not the link is wrong if it is were do i get the code?? :?:
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