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  1. obb

    Advent - exciting news

    Of course it will improve web browsing ... How do you know how many cores a web browser will use ... ?? You don't, for example its possible that flash / HTML5 could use a seperate core to keep things moving along a bit quicker. I never said the web browser would use all four cores, only that the cores will be used for other things too. Besides that wasn't really my point , the point I was trying to put across was that the extra cores (and memory) will help in just the general multi tasking and speed of the device, which will include web browsing. A point that you made, therefore validating mine. The simple fact is that the more 'stuff that get puts in there the quicker and more responsive the device will be. You could have a core dedictaed just to the launcher for example if you really wanted to. That would be a bit silly to be fair, but still its certainly possible. Oh and I know what a core is ... I didnt do a computer science degree for the ladies, you don't need to treat people like simpletons, some of us actually know what we are talking about.
  2. See a previous thread about this to save me giving my opinion on things like this again: http://android.modaco.com/content/advent-v...t-unbelievable/ House Insurance my friend, and take some responsibilty.
  3. You can blame Google for that as their spec for Honeycomb tablets dont require any hardware buttons (apart from a power button of course). That being the case they have to have soft buttons visable at all times. Personally I find it really annoying, and it was a stupid decision anyway. Even when watching a video you still get little tiny dots. They could have added an option that to allow it to be swiped up from the bottom (or top for that matter) of the screen. It's a feature that I find annoying every time I use honeycomb to the point where I may duck out of Android till they get it fixed.
  4. obb

    My list of working Vega games.

    And thread no 27 regarding games arrives on the forum ... Why do people start a new thread on games every month
  5. obb

    [ROM] ModdedStock_1.10 v2

    Nice to know ... thanks newbe
  6. obb

    [ROM] ModdedStock_1.10 v2

    What about the download cache partition? Currently VegaComb (well 1.6 on mine does) allows apps greater than 30mb to be downloaded from the market. There are quite a few games that are bigger than 30mb now. Will we loss this functionality? I only ask as I mainly use my Vega for gaming these days. If so then I will be sticking to 1.6, and in all honesty that would be a backwards step.
  7. Its not really up to DSG though ... They dont manufactuer the device ... its OEM, they dont really care that much as they can just selll other tablets (and do)
  8. It doesn't take a genius to work it out ... The Vega has come to the end of its manufacturing life ... Not really surprising , and i am sure it wont be a surprise when we see a Vega II in 6 months time. I don't understand where all the 'mystery' is coming from, open your eyes people.
  9. obb

    Advent - exciting news

    Totally agree with that ... Im not one for cloud services myself ... The only thing that I use that could be considered a 'cloud' service is Spotify, which for music works fine. But then I also use Steam which is kinda a cloud service too. Thats the thing there is plenty of stuff out there already which is considered 'cloud' that people are using every day without realising it. It's here to stay and for some stuff its the future (music and films certainly). Cloud for gaming and for general computing ... I'm still not convinced, in a corporate enviorment yes (citrix for example) , but normal peeps I dont think its required.
  10. obb

    Advent - exciting news

    That's all well and good as long as you have an internet connection. We are not yet in a position technology wise where hi speed wifi internet connections are available everywhere. Eventually most things (gaming, music, movies) will be in the cloud, certainly by the begining of the next decade it will be the norm. However a mobile device is a completely different thing. We are not there yet, not by a long way and the hardware upgrade cycle is here for sometime yet
  11. obb

    Advent - exciting news

    Im sorry but that doesn't make sense , everything has a minimum spec, regardless of what it is. Everything uses a certain amount of RAM and a certain amount of CPU its as simple as that. I would EXPECT ICS to need at least 1GB of RAM to run properly. Google may have offically stated that there is no 'minimum spec' but that doesn't mean that HC and ICS will run on anything. All it means is that Google wont stop you trying to run it on anything. For example you try running HC on a device with 256MB of RAM. It may be possible to run it, is it usable? no ... It's like saying I am going to run Windows 7 on my ten year old PC with 512MB of RAM. It wont stop me installing it, but it will run like a dog, with three legs, and a bad case of asthma. In the end EVERYTHING has a minimum spec regardless of what a company says, Google are not restricting people from trying to get newer versions of Android on older devices, as they know the modding community will try it anyway. Technically the Vega shouldn't be able to run HC, but it does very well. Will it be able to run ICS? We don't know that yet, but personally I don't think it will myself.
  12. What a terrible shame that must be! :)
  13. obb

    Advent - exciting news

    Well I dont agree with you there Im afraid ... :) Of course Kal-El gives you more powerful 3d gaming, but it wont just get used for that. Quad cores will allow much more smoother, faster web browsing for example, it will allow for a much more smoother OS in general, with newer launcher options that we haven't even thought of yet. Kal-El isn't just about 3d gaming. You could make the same argument with the Tegra2 chipset as well if you really wanted to. In the end newer devices will have more cores, and faster clock speeds thats how things progress in the world of computing. Looking at Kal-el as just better 3d games is a very narrow viewpoint. There is only so far you are going to be able to push the Vega, thats just the way it is. At some point Google will bring out another new OS (ICS), which will probably need a minimum spec that the Vega wont have. So what are you going to do at that point? Carry on with your out of date device? I don't think so.
  14. obb

    Advent - exciting news

    You only have to look at what Kal-El is capable of to see that the Vega days are numbered:
  15. obb

    Advent - exciting news

    It's exciting news if you can afford to upgrade to a Vega II , I dunno maybe DSG will have some sort of trade in option ... who knows. As I stated in my previous post, assuming this 'news' was HC coming to Vega, is complete wishful thinking I am afraid. As I said previously I believe the Vega is coming to the end of its life, its manufacturing life anyway. Within 6 months it will be seriously outdated compared to Kal-El, and it's not going to get anymore official updates thats for sure. (apart from possibly minor bug fixes) Come on guys lets get real here ... the Vega II is on its way , accept it and move on, either keep your Vega's, upgrade, or buy something else. It's as simple as that.

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