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  1. Sorry Paul but the version I downloaded is "Standalone" So can I use it with the procedure I posted before? THX again.
  2. Sorry Paul, I have to flash for the first time your switch. Is the procedure the same of the first topic? Select the recovery image's option to install zip and select the SWITCH Beta 1 zip Select the recovery image's option to install zip and select the SWITCH Beta 9 update zip Select the recovery image's option to install zip and select the S-ON support package (if required) Select the recovery image's option to install zip and select the root zip (if required) Select the recovery image's option to reboot (important: if prompted to fix root select 'Do Not Fix') THX!
  3. Thank you...it's a boring thing to do each time SU Binary gets updated...
  4. When I press "normal" it simply reboots, not finding stock recovery. However now I am with TWRP. I made several attempts: sometimes it simply keeps on rebooting in recovery without doing nothing. While sometimes it happens that after rebooting in recovery, it effectively does an update. But the very next time I switch it asks me to update SU binary once again. I also tried to download the update.zip on XDA DEV thread and applying it via recovery. But it didn't solve the issue.
  5. well I flashed TWRP recovery but I still have the same problem with SU. Each time a switch, SU requires to be updated. See pics attached. I have to follow twice the procedure before getting rid of it temporarily.
  6. THX for your answer. Can I simply flash TWRP via ADB over CWM?
  7. Hi Paul, I installed your switcher and it works great, I am facing only one problem with SU. Each time I switch from Sense to GE and vice versa, if I open SU it asks me to upgrade SuperSU app, If I follow instructions on screen, the device goes in recovery mode (CWM). Once I am in recovery mode, I don't know what do because I have no updating file for SU. So if I reboot the device from recovery, the following message is shown: I say NO, of course, not knowing what to do. The device reboots and when I open the SU app, the problem is still there. I do again the procedure and the second time, the problem is solved. How to fix it?
  8. No way to install it on a no rooted Xperia Z due to the impossibility to uninstall FB app.
  9. ...even a restore won't back Radio...ARGH! EDIT: I jus full wiped and restoring now let's see what happens...
  10. It runs and it seems to work but after the process it doesn't odex. The very first time I ran it with a previous backed ROM, it worked and its icon disappeared. Now after running it and rebooting device, it is still there.
  11. Thanx so much mate. I didn't upgrade before, so I will wait for upcoming new release. I would like to focus on enabled SIP client. I did it by myself in the previous release, and I noticed a little bit more battery drain. I also had enabled Tapatalk notification with 1hour update frequency. Maybe this modarate battery drain it's for this last one application function...but I would ask to other people if, with SIP enabled, they notice more battery drain. THX!
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