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  1. I'd wait, nothing out there seems stable at the moment
  2. In light of USB Mass Storage not working in CM10, I highly recommend taking a look at this. http://teamw.in/project/twrp2/65
  3. Good instructions for manually changing your baseband here: http://www.modaco.co...5-v20l-version/ Includes the smartflash software also. A selection of basebands here: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1658047 Which one to use is not really something anyone can answer. A baseband may work great for one person and piss-poor for another. I just ran the LG-Software update and let it put my phone back to latest-stock with the baseband LG would install. After that I had to nvflash clockworkmod and finally install CM10. The baseband (v20g - cant find a link for it anywhere online) seems to work really well up to now. Alternatively I think Ricardo (main CM10 dev for P990) uses an old V10b baseband (0218-V10b-Baseband MD5: 7ed159f97be5fabb4c6c9dabf1c84a76) from the above XDA link. Edit: also I'm Vodafone and UK
  4. I dont have that problem... (thank god). I would try with a different baseband, the v20g gingerbread one seems to work well for me. Might have sorted my address book issue by setting the locale to GB in build.prop rather than US, though this now seems to have broken voice input (but I dont care about that)
  5. another point... has anyone noticed that when receiving SMS it doesnt resolve the contact name? and just shows the number instead?
  6. Mine keeps locking up, though I'm sure thats hardware as it did on CM7 also... Both SD Cards are shown, however you can only format the "Primary" SD card. Not sure if thats a JB bug or CM bug By default the small internal storage is the 'Primary' SD Card which will be limiting for apps that require a lot of SD-card space!! Fortunatly a small tweak to the vold.fstab switched the SD cards ;) so now the big external card is primary and the internal storage is secondary... Disappionted about no encrypted file system... but thats googles fault ! Goes without saying that everything RC has done is hugely appreciated... I really wouldn't expect anyone to support a device so old and 'past it'. Nice one !
  7. seems to be a major issue with sd card mounting
  8. Its finally landed! http://get.cm The direct HTTP link doesnt work, but the bittorrent link works.... http://get.cm/torrents/cm-10-20121030-NIGHTLY-p990.zip.torrent
  9. Think you should give Cyanogenmod a chance... it seems crap the first few minutes you use it (like when you realise you need to flash your own gapps) but once you get used to it you find its a lot better than stock... IMO anyway. Plus I think (hope) we should be getting CM10 (jelly bean) any day now...
  10. mankian

    memory usage

    You need to clear your /cache partition I think... Is your phone rooted? If so, do you have clockworkmod installed? If you are not rooted the only way is a factory reset. If you are rooted, install Rom Manager (free) from google play and flash clockworkmod recovery. Then reboot into the recovery and use the menu to wipe your CACHE partition (do not wipe anything else)
  11. Still no date though... ! I seen the Optimus G too but just no... LG screens are s*** too
  12. mankian

    memory usage

    Hi The phone has a few different storage area... they are as follows: System, typically ~300mb, this holds the operating system only and you can not see it. Data, typically 1.5GB, this holds all your downloaded applications and settings for these applications. This would be "Internal Storage" Internal SD, 5.5GB, as it says on the tin. It acts as an SD card but it is completely internal to the phone. I guess its so you can take photos/etc without having to buy an SD card. External SD, again as it says on the tin. The SD card that you installed into your phone. So I hope that explains the difference between Internal and Internal SD. When you move an application to SD card I ASSUME it means external SD but someone else will need to confirm this. Finally I have no idea why you have an out of memory error. 1GB of free Internal Storage is more than plenty for any app!!! The only thing I can think of is that your Cache has become full. To empty it is quite difficult unless you know a thing or two about the phone?
  13. to be honest no... i have had nothing but bad experiences with custom kernels so havent tried any for a while. they all seem dead quick just not stable (on my phone anyway). i been using cyanogenmod for about a year now without problems and to be honest the performance seems good, though i cannot compare to django manouche as i never tried ;)
  14. Normally the work experiance kids are the most enthusiastic ;) more worryingly, its probably all been off-shored. I would like it a lot if the performance is increased. I know on other phones ICS actually reduces performance due to the increased RAM requirement. o2x only has 512mb... I guess a vanilla (non-bloatware) build like CM9 should work well though
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