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  1. Plenty of better sites out there now my friend. Just do a search on a good search engine.....
  2. Well here you go .... Some latest News .... Good news for Smartphone Users NOT using MS stupid platform ! In my view, Modaco needs to review its structure, and focus on a large range of news across all platforms.... http://news.cnet.com/8301-30686_3-20004585...HeadlinesArea.0 Windows Shares slide.... http://www.coolsmartphone.com/news5782.html Good news the last link!!! :)
  3. There are other sites offering an array of choices for Mobile Phone news, just do a google search. Coolsmartphone.com springs to mind!
  4. Well maybe when it does come back, things like this... http://blogs.zdnet.com/cell-phones/?p=3704 Will be reported on. And also, rather than Focus on just WinMo devices, the main page of news can cover a variety of Smartphone devices. M$ just seem to be losing popularity and importantly, customers now.
  5. Patrick Google or Apple simply have proven to most customers that you do not have to have crappy Windows Mobile devices. In 3 years, Apple and Google have turned things around. Microsoft are now trying to catch up! And look ..... they use Pinch and Zoom features! And to unlock the phone you slide your finger! WOW!!!!! I mean..... WOW! They must be amazing people to come up with that idea !! But hang on ... someone already did .... years back <_< Integration with XBOX is fine - IF YOU have one!! And want one!! Nah! Will stick with the iPhone - Does exactly what I want (including making calls!!!) and alot more!
  6. Click on a review if I recall, and from there, if the app is in the Windows Market place, click the button, or the Vendors Web Site as an example. Some you may have to Google for .... S.
  7. Hi Rowlf Yes, warez / KeyGen's / MagicHacks will not be allowed I am afraid. Simon
  8. I do not think they will - I have provided links and posts featuring apps / games / utilities and its never been a problem for me. And how else can people spread the word of decent apps if you cannot post a link? ;) Simon
  9. Good idea ;) In summary - WM apps are lacking a little bit, but a good search on Google may help :D But this may help - http://www.bestwindowsmobileapps.com/ Also the WM App Store has .... err.... a few apps. http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/presski...aceAppsList.doc All the best :(
  10. Completely AGREE which is why I think ROWLF needs to move on..... Otherwise its gonna be a Google vs PC next !!!!
  11. HI Rowlf This is what I loved when I saw this on the iPhone.. Then I came across this racer here.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAysP1HM6Z4 Then looking at these 2 games I thought "Why the hell can WM not do this....." Take a look if you get time... NOVA - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbUVpApFS7k Call Of Duty - Not that I am a gaming fan (but I have these as they are cool) but they are pretty good for a small pocket Phone / PDA / Computer ;) Google are also proving themselves to be pretty good at producing some good graphical games too :D
  12. Nighthawk Agree - It is each to their own - Exactly what I was pointing out to Rowlf earlier - Although I see he's done yet another AMAZING long post.... so will probably look at this next week. Remember, I work with developers on all platforms, and I have had WM devices for over 10 years (almost 12 now I think!!) and I know where you are coming from ;) But your happy ..... I am happy... and I am pretty sure Android users are very happy. Rowlf probably needs to refer to my "much much earlier posts" about why I went to the iPhone over the WM. But it was not to spark a "My phone is greater than yours" - I simply stated (very clearly) that the iPhone does what it says on the TIN, plus a hell of alot more. As it has gone for 1 week with replacing my laptop, I am happy and it works for me. Ok, will not suit all, but that is why I stated earlier (in another thread) "If we all agreed on the same make / model of phone, then we would not have debates like this and a huge choice of Smartphones" :D I never knocked the Omnia at all - I am knocking M$ for cocking things up with a CRAP system, which is layered by a "skin" that makes it good. WM7 will hopefully amend this, and maybe bring MS back into the race. But for now, for right now, I believe they have taken their eye of the ball. iPhone has always come with a camera, and the 3GS is more than acceptable for "me". I dont want it to replace my own camera, but I tell you what, its a hell of alot better than the TYTN II camera ever was. And for me, that is annoying. I do not believe the iPhone can be bad - Otherwise why would the majority of Teccies and Mazagines rate it so highly. But each to their own I guess :( I appreciate your comments and pleased that you did even give the iPhone a chance. Working with Developers, its also nice to see Android (which was ALMOST the phone I went for). So it could be that this thread could have turned into "WM against Google" - But it hasnt :D Like you, enjoy tinkering under the hood, but I was not going to cover any of this. Hopefully this thread can be laid to rest, because the end result should be: 1) If your not happy with your brand of phone or OS, change it 2) If your happy, stick with it - As long as it does what you want it to do. The end?? Not if Rowlf is around :D Simon
  13. Did I mention HOOOOOOOW Good the Keyboard is on the iPhone ;) ?
  14. Rowlf You appear to have gone completely full circle, and its pointless commenting on your posts. End of the day, your happy you have a "WM" platform, and I am extremely happy and pleased that I have now made the JUMP from WM to iPhone. There are some points in your post that are incorrect as its clear (even after you admitted) that you have not used an iPhone, however rather than trying to correct you, I will leave you with this link to view and chew over. http://www.coolsmartphone.com/forum/viewto...asc&start=0 My point has been right from the start, that I have used EVERY WM device (even in the early days of Pocket PC in the late 90's) and the code has simply not changed enough. 2 new companies have entered the market, and in a short time frame, have proved that WM is very much flawed in its design, use of a Stylus, the "smartphone" appearance and even better, Google have come out with the Nexus One and the Hero, which itself has proved to put Microsoft into the shade. They will need to come up with something better to stay ahead of the race my friend. Over 100,000 apps in the app store apparantly - Of course most are not going to be useful, but since I have obtained and downloaded many apps which are great for me and running a Business, I am very happy to stick with this. Even better, why do I need iTunes, when I can get all apps from the phone itself? Debates about "my phone does this" against "your phone cannot do that" is pointless, and well covered in other locations. If the phone does what it says on the tin PLUS a hell of alot more, then its fine for me. I have now gone 1 week without a laptop. To me that is moving forward. My WM device DEFINETELY tried this, but I just felt it was too flawed. It is the phones fault (Or the code of the phone). Also.... iPhones do Multitask you know ;) I can listen to music, browse the web, check email on the go - That is good enough. There is of course a "single" app that allows "3rd party apps" to Multitask. But I am happy with what I have and if I want, I can download and install this app within mins. In fact, while I am at the M25 services, I might do that now :D If we all agreed on the same make / model of phone, then we would not have debates like this and a huge choice of Smartphones from: Nokia Samsung HTC Google Apple It is pointless making this "apple" against "microsoft", when there are other phones that also compare greater to WM! Pleased your happy with your WM platform. Cannot help feel sorry for you that you are limiting your exposure on this one brand, but hey ho - each to their own! :D And yes, using the iPhone keyboard like now, and viewing this web page as intended is GREAT :(:):D:) But I am not going to convince you (or anyone) to get a replacement phone from Apple or Google. Just try it for yourself if you can get hold of one for a week (as well as more in-depth research). S.
  15. LOL one week! Your having a big laugh here! What a waste of a post ! What a waste of time for you as well ;)
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