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  1. Hit the delete button (lower right, the one with the x inside a circle), then tap the entry you want to remove.
  2. The Wing is not the same as the Vario III; the former is a HTC Atlas, the latter is the HTC Kaiser. Here's a comparison; in short, Vario III has the tilt screen, 3G, built-in GPS and twice the memory. If you're looking for a Vario III equivalent, you'll have to go with the AT&T Tilt; note however that the Tilt does not have the front VGA camera. Also, the Tilt (and presumably the Wing, if you buy it from T-Mobile) will be SIM-locked so your UK SIM probably won't work. There are no free unlockers for the Tilt/Kaiser, so you'd have to get the unlock code from AT&T; there may be a free unlocker for the Wing -- check over at XDA developers.
  3. For once, you guys in the UK get something ahead of us Yanks -- US suppliers don't expect to receive stock for another week.
  4. If you'd prefer a leather case, take a look at the Krusell.
  5. For those of us in the States, you can preorder from http://www.elite-electronix.com for $119.95. They're expecting to get the first shipment sometime during the last week of October.
  6. ADVERTISING SPAM and Krusell both have custom-fit cases for the Tytn II, and Piel Frama will have one soon.
  7. They already have -- just a day or two ago.
  8. I just got the ADVERTISING SPAM flip case for the Kaiser. It's a very snug fit -- the keyboard fits into a pouch formed by the case and a transparent plastic keyboard cover. The case doesn't obstruct anything important; all the buttons are accessible, as are the stylus, microSD slot, reset hole, and USB jack. The biggest problem I've had with the case is its lack of storage pockets for memory cards --- previous ADVERTISING SPAM cases have had at least one pocket.
  9. For some reason, the Tytn II doesn't include remote desktop. Run the attached cab on your device to install it. WM6_RDP_Finster.cab
  10. Same USB socket as the Hermes/Tytn, so they should work. I bought a USB adapter off eBay -- it's the only one I could find that had a microphone built in. I've got a pair of Etymotic ER4P's on order -- they should come in Wednesday PM.
  11. You'll have to install the Resco Registry plug-in if you haven't. Once the plug-in is installed, go to My Registry in the tree view and drill down into the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry.
  12. You can turn off the light sensor if it bothers you -- go into Settings/Buttons/Backlight.
  13. It should be possible -- a quick browse of the registry shows the way: Copy the wav file(s) containing the sound(s) you want into the Windows directory. You can have different sounds for opening & closing the keyboard. Create a registry key under HKLM\Software\HTC\SlidingSound. Name this key with a numeric value 1 greater than the last subkey; e.g. if the last key is named 2, create one named 3. In the new key set the following values: Default value should be the string you want to show up in the sliding sound applet. Create a string value named in; set its value to the name of the wav file you want to play when the keyboard is being closed. Create a string value named out; set its value to the name of the wav file you want to play when the keyboard is being opened. [*]Close the reg editor, soft reset and go into the sliding sound applet; your new sound should be in the droplist. Of course this won't survive a hard reset; to do that you'd have to customize the ExtROM.
  14. Try a grocery store or a store that sells kitchen stuff -- that matting is often used as shelf liner. If that doesn't pan out, try Google ;)
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