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  1. hoyler30589

    BBC iPlayer on your Windows Mobile Device

    works fine on my diamond stock 1.93 rom finally! thanks all
  2. hoyler30589

    Paul's crazy project of the day...

    i live on east coast near scarborough and would happily pass it on. sounds like an excellent idea. i feel a record coming on
  3. hoyler30589

    Asus Eee White - Just Bought , Few Q's

    i have got one of these babys but i cant find a definate answer to one question, the 8gig card you referring to, is it sdhc and if so does the internal reader support sdhc. thanks richard
  4. just got a hold of a m700 for myself but cant stand the orange battery icon. i know you can remove it but i like to have a battery icon in the top of the screen. if anyone knows how to revert to standard batt icon that would be great. if not can anyone recommend a good battery program that would do the same. thanks for all your help guys
  5. hoyler30589

    TomTom 6 Selling with Qtek 8500!

    After further investigation its bundeld with the c700 equivelent aswell!!!
  6. When looking on expansys.com i spotted that they are selling the qtek 8500 with tomtom 6 so does that mean there is a version out that supports smartphones now? take a look: either use the link or got to expansys and click on smartphones and qtek 8500 and its at the bottom. http://www.expansys.com/p.aspx?partner=modaco&i=142360
  7. does anyone know where i can download this cab as my c550 is on o2 now. thanks
  8. hoyler30589

    M600 vs M600i ?

    it just said m600i avialable business centres only. ill try get a scan of the mag later. thanks for the help as promised heres the picture:
  9. hoyler30589

    M600 vs M600i ?

    I was round at a mates and he had an orange mag and inside next to the c700 there was a m600i. ive missed anything about this device. i own a m600 and would like to know if anyone knows the difference between the devices. thanks in advance richard
  10. hi i was wondering if any genius out there knows if a soloution for automatic or easy photo syncing between phone and pc exists. thanks for your help richard
  11. hoyler30589

    unlock opens calendar?

    i have the same problem on my m600. Ive found no soloution yet!
  12. hoyler30589

    SPV M600 and it's Camera

    hi you need to load your camera up then in the bottom right tap the button with screwdriver and spanner on it. then tap tools then tap options then tap general then on screen you have a save to box which you can select storage card. then click ok then click ok again and snap away. hope that helps
  13. where did you apply to get the invite please <_<
  14. the new windows live messenger beta that was reported on for smartphones now runs on pocket pcs. it will install and run on orange m600. it works through wifi aswell. so proper msn for people even though orange removed the older version. :)
  15. hi all, my mate wants to get his forst smartphone and really wants a c600 but i cant find them on pay as you go. orange just says out of stock. so any help would be appreciated. if anyone could post weblinks of any site that sells them. thanks

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