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  1. 1. You have to setup a partnership with your phone through usb first 2. Then go into your bluetooth settings and add an incoming port. 3. Tell activesync to watch connections on that port (pc) 4. Pair your phone and the services screen should say activesync. 5. Tick that box and click done 6. Now with bluetooth on go to activesync on phone and click connect via bluetooth.
  2. i cant find the usb switch in my orange c600. please can anyone confirm.
  3. hoyler30589

    MoDaCo Summer Event 2006 - We Need Your Help!

    i live in north yorkshire so birmingham or manchester would be good but will travel to london. cheers
  4. hoyler30589

    Multiple phones on one computer

    The first way that comes to mind straightaway is use multiple users on the computer and switch user when your fone is plugged in that should work. ive never tried this but xp has that built in for that reason
  5. i have a audiovox smt 5600 and tried to use on o2 uk but it will not find any signal, only find orange and tmobile. ive flashed it with orange rom still the same. any help appreciated thanks rich
  6. hi hope this is not a repost but i was wondering when someone sends you a file it automatically saves to storage my docs and i was wondering if i could change it to save to storage card my docs as i have no memmory on my fone left. thank you for any help
  7. hoyler30589

    Msn 8.0

    thanks again paul
  8. hoyler30589

    Orange and EDGE

    it works near where i live in north yorkshire around scarborough and the speeds are considerably different. like they should be
  9. hoyler30589

    Msn 8.0

    ill take one please [email protected] thank you
  10. hoyler30589

    C550 in stock

    cheers for info i may ring up and get one while i can, im trying to find a c500 do you know if orange have any of them. thanks
  11. could we take the necessary files and reg entrys from the samsung i300 as it has a usb mass storage function.
  12. hoyler30589

    C600 Wifi

    ok thank you, i guess thats a no then will keep a watch. cheers
  13. hi i am very aware that the c600 doesnt have wifi but was wondering if it would be possible to use a wifi sd card in the phone.
  14. hoyler30589

    C600 Wifi

    thank you for your response, does anyone know if this one will work as it lists compatability with spv earlier models. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/New-Spectec-802-11b-Mini-SD-WiFi-WLAN-Card-for-PDA_W0QQitemZ5859827909QQcategoryZ101281QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  15. on my computer i have bullguard firewall installed and as soon as i turn that off my phone syncs but when on it wont, so check your firewalls and turn them off and see if it works. interesting my works through bluetooth with firewall on but not usb. hope that helps
  16. hoyler30589

    Orange UK and EDGE?

    i received an edge signal at a place called muston near scarborough on the yorkshire east coast. :)
  17. i have an spv e200 and its been working fine but now when i press the number 4 key it just constently cycles through as if it keeps pressing itself. this problem has only just started and i cant find any keys stuck and the number four isnt depressed i dont know do you think this is a software problem? ive tried hard reset and got no joy. please help richard
  18. hoyler30589


    ive sorted it now, removed pocket golf aand it went staright in. maybe a bug who knows? thanks
  19. hi all i have a orange spv c550 and when i go to install bullguard mobile it goes through all the motions then at the end it says installation failed, any ideas? its doing my head in thanks
  20. i love this theme and just upgraded my handset to c550 but now thetheme has a white bar along the bottom and then when scrolling i get to calender and then the whole screen shrinks and has a the home image behind the other image, if any one can help this would be appreciated, i find this theme really easy to use, thanks richard

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