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  1. Hi, Great phone, but making a call when it is sunny is a pita. The Text is black and the background is grey, am I missing something here to get this changed as I've looked everywhere for a setting but not found one... Cheers, M
  2. Hi, Ive had my M600 for a little over a week now and think it's great! I've only installed Tomtom and Wisbar... and today I tried to open up the messaging so I could read a text and I couldn't. I tired the Orange side bar method and the Start method but nothing worked... A quick reboot later and still nothing. I then got my friend to text me and nothing came through (and never did). For some reason I then thought about removing the SD card, messaging then came up. It's happened again tonight! I don't want to do a hard reset so does anyone have any ideas? btw, the SD card is not set to 'lock' ;) Cheers, M
  3. The best answer for me would be a program that logs the gps data which then can be exported as a text file... I could then get that into a 3D package (I think) and see where I went... Is there such a program?
  4. Hi, I think Mapopolis is the best solution for me, until Active Map is brought out over here... As for locating the GPS for clear sky views, that can go in the top poket of my Camelbak rucksac. The phone will be in my Auqapac, so it'll be all nice and dry... Aquapac PS does Tomtom have the feature of running through a trip like I think the one on the PPC does? Cheers, Marc
  5. How's about using an old Nokia phone battery and plugging it into the USB port as if it was charging? The only problem I can see is that the battery is 3.7V output and the USB is normally 5V input isnt it? Cheers...
  6. Cheers guys, The ideas of replaying the route using Mapopolis sounds good... the thing is I'm going to use this for mountain biking (get those thermals out) so would it still work as there will be no roads...? Marc
  7. Hi, Is there piece of software that will allow you to track where you have been and then enable you to see your whole route on the screen. So if you walked around in a big circle it would draw that on the screen... Even better would be for it to output it as a picture file... Cheers, Marc
  8. Before I go ahead and buy this software can it do the following? (I did look on tomtom.com) 1. Show current speed 2. Show max speed 3. Time the journey took and the other stuff that you normally get.... Cheers Marc PS is there a way of making the US maps work on it? (I'm off there for a bit quite soon)
  9. Hi, I know there was a battery pack you could buy for the e200, I was woundering if there is one out there for the c500 (I have done a search...) Could someone work out how much life a 9V battery (with suitable componets) would offer...? I plan on making such a device for myself if there are none available... Also I'd like to extend the life of my Fortuna GPS, I guess this is also possible??? Cheers, Marc
  10. Hi, If I buy the USA maps provided by Tomtom, is there a way to get them working on my C500? Cheers, Marc
  11. yes its a clock, but 'turns your phone into a compass'.... you can do it with a normal wrist watch...
  12. it's not a hardware thing at all. the one that you get for nokias is an analogue clock face that you then line up the sun with the hour hand, south is halfway between the bighand and 12, therefore north is the other way... Just over halfway down.... therefore you can have a 'compass' on your phone.... :shock:
  13. I too was getting pi$$ed off until I tried changing my password to one without numbers... it work straight away after that.... So, for those that it has worked, do you have numbers in your password? Just tried changing it back to one with numbers and it stopped working.... Very strange
  14. I dont think it is easier at all, some people, like me, dont like to use short text. There are some damn clever people out there that should be able to create a program to the extent that there is little input required other than the words you want. Lets face it, text messages are a Cash Cow for the phone companies and they love it. The sooner a commercial/free app is available the sooner they would drop their prices. If the postal service only let you send 160 charaters you'd be a bit pi**ed off! Come on people, lets make these smartphones even smarter... :)
  15. By the way, I know you can send long text messages, it just gets expensive! So we have a compression program, great, how much text can you get into one sms (I guess that's how you send the data?) For cross platform, can you write it in java? The most important thing... can I try it please? GUI aren't everything :)
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