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  1. These are very good questions, but when I first jumped into Windows Mobile 5 when the Qtek 9100 (HTC Wizard) first came out (and for a very short time before that, WinMo 2003 with the Qtek 9090), it was the most useful mobile OS out there. The sheer volume of programs and the new cutting-edge consumer hardware that was built into the devices was what had me drawn to it year-after-year. But, for me, the winning "feature" was the fact that it shared a common architecture with desktop Windows programs, thus making the programming of it easier for me. I'm not particularly disgusted by the other devices, except in the case of the iPhone, which I remember prophesizing that it would inevitably fail, not because of the device but because of Apple. Android has real potential, and I may be switching to it at some point in the future (if the HD2 ever gets Android with US 3G on at least AT&T), but for now, WinMo presents the most familiar environment for me and I already have a lot of money invested in the devices that run that OS.
  2. Likes (to name just a few): Better hardware More customization Variety of form factors Easy-to-program in a variety of languages & availability of the .NET Compact Framework Native support in Windows-based PCs Freezes and crashes Slow rotation for keyboard-based devices (TyTN II for example) Small storage memory in comparison to devices like the iPhone Bulkiness in devices with built-in keyboards. Personally, all the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, especially with online capabilities (HSDPA), the storage problem isn't too much of an issue as smaller files can be retrieved online.
  3. I whole-heartedly agree. But, SPB and Resco apps (particularly Diary, Mobile Shell, and Explorer) better be on there! ;)
  4. Hello all, Its been a while since I last posted here on MoDaCo, but you can thank college and work for that. Well, recently I got SmartFilter 1.3 Pro and have been using the SmartProfile portion of the program to automatically switch call filtering profiles so that I can block specific callers at certain times (like everyone except family when I'm in class). Unfortunately, I've been having the problem recently where the program works when my Wizard is on, but when I put it in suspend mode (pushing the power button to turn it off), and a call comes in, the call goes through and SmartFilter does not filter out the call. Does anybody know a way around this? Thanks in advance!
  5. I have made an update for the program available At this post
  6. Well, just letting you know that I've just updated the Contacts Filer program to version 1.5 which is available now. You can get it by checking out my post [Here on HoFo]. Feel free to comment or suggest any changes/bugs/etc. Thanks again for all your support!
  7. Thank you so very much! Your the first person to donate to me, and to tell you the truth, every little bit helps! When my next versions come out, you will be the first to know (free copies, since I may start on a few programs that may require a fee). Thank you again, everybody, for all your positive support!
  8. Thanks so much, I'll take your suggestion and try to see what I can do for that (I might release another build with this functionality once I can figure out how I will go about doing it easily). As for a webpage, that's why I'm asking for donations so I can help pay for a server for it. I'll let everyone know once I get a site up and running. Thanks! :)
  9. Tell me about it. I got the 9100 2 weeks after it was first released, and since the 8125 was released, I've been wanting that casing instead. Button placement (with the exception of the dial and hangup buttons) are better placed and the soft keys aren't small and difficult to press without accidently pressing the dial/hangup keys. As for the radio stack issue, I've never had a problem streaming for extended periods of time. I'm using the 2.25.11 radio rom from Cingular and haven't really had a problem with it since I got it. My 9100 is connected to GPRS/EDGE from 9:30am to 9:30pm and never have had any problems. But then again, the heat might have had something to do with it (I know using my WiFi really heats my unit up if I have it on for a while).
  10. I'm glad you guys are using my program. I know its kind of slow and requires the bloated .NET CF 2.0, but I know its pretty useful, especially since its been something people have been demanding for a while now (I got sick of hearing the demands and nobody helping out). Just to let you all know, I will be posting an update pretty soon that will integrate with the actual contacts program (and is a lot smaller and faster), but it will take some time since I am running into an issue with the COM subsystem in Windows Mobile. Feedback is greatly appreciated (especially feature additions, pre-programmed pattern additions, bugs, errors, etc). Oh, and don't forget, a donation is always excepted :)
  11. Check out this post Here about a program I wrote to solve the Lastname, Firstname arrangement problem (as well as the ability to change the way a name appears in the contacts list).
  12. See my post over Here on HoFo for a little app that I wrote to help with this.
  13. Hello all, I'm currently in a quandry with a plugin I'm currently writing. I'm using Visual Studio 2005, and I've been developing a plugin in C++ based on the MedicalHistory example provided with the WM5 PPC SDK. Unfortunately, I've been running into a bit of a problem with the plugin I've written and the MedicalHistory plugin, as well as a few other plugins. What is happening is whenever I have both plugins registered, I see both show up in the context menu of the Contacts application, so that part of it is working, but then when I click on them, depending on the order I installed them, either the MedicalHistory plugin will load up on both menu items, or my plugin will load up on each one. In other words, each menu item should correspond to a different plugin (Medical History or my plugin), but they both load the same plugin when you click either one. Here is the code that I have implemented in my plugin (I've noticed this problem with other plugins I have installed on my PPC also) to add it to the menu: HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE ICFMenuExtension::QueryContextMenu(HMENU hmenu, UINT indexMenu, UINT idCmdFirst, UINT idCmdLast, UINT uFlags) { HRESULT hr = S_OK; BOOL bRet; m_idMenu = idCmdFirst+1; bRet = InsertMenu(hmenu, indexMenu, MF_BYPOSITION | MF_STRING, m_idMenu, c_szICFMenu); CBR(bRet); Error: return MAKE_HRESULT(SEVERITY_SUCCESS, FACILITY_NULL, 1); Mind you, this is my first time writing a C++ app for WM5 and the first time using COM for a context menu extension. What am I doing wrong, if anything? Thanks in advance for all your help! :)
  14. Actually, the Message Starter package is $4.99 and includes only 200 messages.
  15. I found the following keys in the registry, so you might want to try playing around with these: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\ActiveSync\HeartbeatIncrement = 300 (DWORD) HKCU\Software\Microsoft\ActiveSync\InitialHeartbeat = 480 (DWORD) You might want to try playing around with one of these to see what the results are, but it looks like this might be what your looking for. I am going to guess that they are in seconds, so 300 = 5 minutes and 480 = 8 minutes. Hope this helps!
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