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  1. Paul, please help us all to solve this problem. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=329270 Briefly: Anyone else the same experience? Contrary to almost every other WM device I have used in the past, the voice sound quality both on BT headsets and on parrot carkits is way below par. It sounds thin and metallic. When using the speaker on the device itself (held up to your ear) the quality is excellent, so to me there is a major flaw in the the BT implementation on the Kaiser. The x7500 sounds way better, so it's not the OS itself.
  2. Stereo BT headset works OK to me, but regular BT headset has indeed tinny sound
  3. ID64

    Moto Q9h ROM

    Never mind. Found it and flashed it back. No luck with North American 3G so far. ROM that suppose to enable it totaly kills the radio.
  4. During the process of updating my Q9 with new firmware that enables North american 3G I've lost radio. Now phone boots but there is no radio attached :) Can anyone please share their original ROM? TIA
  5. Or: Turn it off. Press and hold E and Z then press Power :)
  6. I think that you are forgetting 3G HSPDA :) If you have unlimited data of course.
  7. Well, it's running hot, using more power as a result - battery life goes down. However, I am using Tornado power control and it's only running at 240 (actually 240 now) only when it's awake. When it's in standby mode it's clocked only to 140 mhz.
  8. Ever wondered how VOX behaves over clocked to 252 MhZ? I've made a video if anyone is interested. 80 meg Rapidshare download. Overclocked VOX
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