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  1. Right, I thought Android was progress, but its only progress for Google's marketing machine-registering just to set a reminder in my diary or just to sync to my pc is ridiculous-and what happens if theres no signal and I cant go online from the handset? It would mean I cant use basic functions on my phone, that I d easily be able to use with WM or even a basic non smart phone. It would seem, like Apple with the iphone, Google Android is all about marketing and fashion. Yeah, but it like any other touchscreen-ie it doesnt wok properly.
  2. I m sure Gmail is a great service, but I just dont understand why I have to login to it to access basic functions on my phone. Swype does sound a good idea-Both my current Samsung Omnia and the X10 are rubbish for texting as the touchscreens are nt responsive enough and ignore half of my "touches". Plus the X10 only has a qwerty keyopard (Omnia has 5 choices of keybaord) with tiny keys.
  3. Cant see why I have to go online just to set myself a reminder or check what appointments I ve got comming up-its like big brother. I dont need or want a Googlemail account-I have an email address already. What next-do I have to login to make a phone call?! As a Linux user/fan I heard and read about how good Android is, but it isnt-and WM 6.1 is far far from perfect, but nothing about Android I ve seen so far is anywhere near as good as WM, other than the user interface looks a bit more modern. I ve had Android for 3 days now and I cant see any advantage over WM 6.1. I just feel like throwing the phone at the wall most of the time, even more than I do with Windows Mobile. Whats Swype? can you type one handed with your thumb?
  4. Yeah, but things have gone backwards-touchscreens are slow-it takes longer to wave fingers at the screen than it does to move your thumb a few millimetres. Its about fashion. Symbian is rubbish, hate Nokias. Dont like Blackberry either, specs too low, think its qwerty only anyway. Just got an X10 and (despite being a Linux pc user) I cant get on with Android either-you cant sync it with your pc (only read the sd card) unless you go online and register with Google, you cant use the calender without registering with Google, you cant read phonebook from the SIM (have to copy SIM to phone), you cant lock the phone with a PIN, you have to register with Google to even browse the app store, you cant turn the flash on and it doesnt work even in pitch darkness, you cant breath without registering with Google, you cant change the keypad configuration (qwerty only)...I could go on. Its just a Google data collection exercise, cant tell you how disappointed I am with Android. Think I ll just hang on to my Omnia with WM 6.1 and wait a couple of years. Some high end mobile devices have shipped with a full desktop install of Windows on them over the last few years, have to hope that phones will develop enough so I can install Liniux/Ubuntu on one.
  5. That wouldnt help-I want a phone keypad interface-like the old WM standard/Smartphone edition. Then I can do everything with my thumb in one hand instead of messing about wafting my finger over the screen, which is all very clever (when it actually works), but ultimately takes longer than a thumb, T9 and a phone keypad. Touchscreens are fashionable but inferior. Currently if I want a phone keypad, I d have to get a reallly low spec phone, a few years back I d have been able to get a high spec phone keypad smartphone. In fact, a couple of years back a "smartphone" was specifically a device with an operating system and a phone keypad, whereas touchscreen devices with an os were refered to as "pdas".
  6. What do you do if you cant stand useless touchscreens but still want a top spec smartphone?
  7. Lucky if you can, I ve reflashed ROMS before, but nothing happens on mine. It just resets and then sits there. Hours later nothing
  8. Havent been on here for a year or so and it seems to have been taken over buy mouthy yanks who dont live in the real world, worship the Omnia like a god, think all Winmo phones are perfect and if you have probs then its your fault and youre stupid or something. All mobile phones have bugs, Winmo ones more so. Winmo is far from perfect and its perfectly possible to like it but get frustrated with its faults. I have loads of issues with my Omnia and I ve had Winmo phones for over 5 years, so its not that I cant cope with technology. These forums used to be for help and advice, not for hurlin abuse at people or suggestin theyre stupid if they dare to say anything negative about their phone/Winmo, or even suggest it might be less than perfect. If you havent got any useful advice to help fix the bugs or solve the probs, DONT POST!
  9. Yeah, was thinking of that, havent logged in for a year and theres s many to choose fom!
  10. This is really weird-It reset it at least 10 times, but still had my home screen photo, but all my old texts were deleted. On the 11th me it restored all my old texts and call histoy, very strange
  11. Any ideas anyone?? It doesnt work, just gives it a soft reset...
  12. Can anyone help-I ve searched the forums and cant find anything anywhere I ve got pda version i900XXHG5/MSHG1 and phone i900XXHG5 I ve tried to upgrade to the latest official rom , but it confirms the phone version and tells me to click ok to reset the device. After I do it restarts with my own home screen pic still displayed within seconds. No progress bar appears on the samsung updater programme it just stops. And when I check my software version its the same. Why wont it work? I ve tried 8 times and nothing. Still at least I havent bricked it!
  13. I have pda: i900XXHG5/MSHG1 and phone: i900XXHG5 Have I got the latest Samsung ROM or not? I ve tried flashing it using Samsung's site but after its verified the device it resets it and when it reboots its a soft reset (my home screen pic still there, but all calls and texts gone) and thats it, no bars appear to suggest anything is downloading and the software version is the same as before. Anyone know whats happening?
  14. He has a point-it is a bit cr*p, looks good, great camera, but not very user friendly. No where near enough RAM, should be 256. Cant believe how UN-intuitive WM Pro is compared to Std/Smartphone edition, takes so long to do anything. Touch screens are a fad, phone entry pad best for hand held use.
  15. Stupid, really, this is the only WM device I ve heard of that you dont have the option to turn it off
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