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  1. I thought Voda called their Universal the VPA IV?
  2. AO-HELL? Wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole. I'll try to reinstall AS though... Thanks G
  3. Hmmm maybe TMob have done something strange to the MDA Pro?
  4. I don't have a process called "WCESMgr.exe", though I do have one called "wcescomm.exe". Should I kill that one? Thanks G
  5. We've just moved over to British Summer Time and clocks have gone forward an hour. Both my Windows desktop PCs have updated their clocks automatically, but my MDA Pro has not. Looking in the clock settings, there is not even an option to enable this! WTF?!? :x My SPV C500 updated the clock for daylight saving time (to use the American term...) so why does the MDA Pro not do this? Was the feature removed between Windows Mobile 2003 SE and Windows Mobile 5??! Thanks G
  6. C500 is 160*220 The only VGA phone (640*480) is the Universal. It's not a bad bit of kit though and since it has a PDF viewer as well as MS Word/Excel/Powerpoint Mobile etc it would probably be your best choice.
  7. Hmm, I'll give it a go when I get home. Funny though, everything on the phone itself works fine.
  8. Hi, I'm having a couple of problems with my T-Mobile MDA Pro (HTC Universal (not Wizard - muppet :oops: )). I have ActiveSync 4.1 and have installed latest USB 2 drivers for my mobo (the ones that came on the CD with the phone don't work for my PC). I have done a clean re-install of WinXP Home, all SPs and updates. When I plug the device in, I get the message "USB device not recognised" pop up as a balloon in the tray area. If I reboot the PC, it still doesn't work. The only way to get rid of this message and get the PC to detect the MDA Pro is to reboot, go into the BIOS and set "Reset ESCD [Extended System Configuration Data]" to "yes", then reboot. After that, the device connects OK and I can sync. If I unplug the device and plug it back in again, it says "USB device not recognised" and won't work again until I reboot and reset the ESCD again. HOWEVER... now all of a sudden it won't even do that. After resetting the ESCD and rebooting, if I connect the device, it receives power through the USB and will charge the battery, however ActiveSync cannot see it - it sits there saying "Connecting" but never times out with an error (it's been sitting there for over an hour now...) and I can't explore the MDA Pro from the desktop either. Does anyone have any ideas here, as I said I'm using the latest ASync (4.1) and the latest updates for the OS and all my drivers. I have tried 2 different USB cables (the one that came with the MDA Pro and the one from my old Orange SPV C500) and all 6 USB ports on the back of my PC (no hubs here!), of which 2 are USB 2.0 and the other 4 USB 1.1. All other USB devices (external HDD, flash drives) that I have tried work fine. PC Spec: ASUS P4T533 Mobo 512MB PC1066 RDRAM P4 2.4GHz, 533MHz FSB (no O/C) ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB 2 x 250GB Maxtor IDE HDD (1 internal, 1 external via USB caddy) Win XP Home SP2 (full, not upgrade from Win 98) I only have 20 albums worth of music on this thing and I want to sync some more as I am getting bored of this selection already!!!! Thanks, G
  9. Anyone know of a Macromedia Flash / Shockwave plugin or player that will work on the MDA Pro / HTC Universal? Thanks G
  10. Yeah, same as I got. I can fit about 900 or so songs on it - WMP10 takes ages to sync that lot across a USB connection though.
  11. Not sure about the Vario, but I have the MDA Pro. At first I used the MS theme generator with the SPB Extended Theme Generator plugin for it, however this does not give the user control over which portion of the image is displayed. What I then found is that the portrait and landscape images are stored in two separate files: stwater_640_480.jpg for landscape (actual size 640 x 376 pixels) stwater_480_640.jpg for portrait (actual size 480 x 536 pixels) All you need to do is create two images with these file names using the actual size dimensions and put them in your Windows folder on the device. Bear in mind that this is for the MDA Pro which has a 640 x 480 screen, so you may have to experiment a little to apply this to the Vario, but hopefully this will give you a good starting point.
  12. I have a 2GB Sandisk card in my MDA Pro, works fine.
  13. I have a Sandisk 2GB Ultra II card, £75 + £2.50 Royal Mail Special Delivery from Bristol Cameras (via froogle). No problems so far, got close to 900 songs on it at the moment.
  14. I get a decent life out of it, but what I would suggest is if you are mostly at home or at work, keep the sync cable on your PC in one location and use the mains charger at the other. Some people forget that USB carries power as well as data so effectively you have 2 chargers. Also, leaving BT turned on all the time will sap your battery. I think that quoted battery life is under optimal conditions... :roll:
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