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  1. but do I need my pin1 number, I saw it on theguide to hard reset?? I dont have mine, is it possible to reset without the sim inside and then not need the code? DOes the Sim get erased to when I do hard reset ?? ( the contacts on it) thanks
  2. Hi, I have the same problem and i wanted to know if i hard reseting will erase the rom update that was done on my phone?? plus Is there something I need like some code before doing the hard reset?? thanks
  3. Does? anyone know some kind of incompatibility between spv e100 and palm pilot ( zire ) devices through IR connection, I can send through the phone and recieve on the palm but not the other way, please HELP!!!
  4. HI , I am trying to connect my palm zire 71 device to the internet via gprs through an infra red connection to my srv e100. I have connected my palm to other phones in the same way and it always works fine, I read on the net how to do it and the phone just wont notice the IR signal. I activated the IR on "modem link". Plus I tried revieving a contact on my phone and again it did not recognize the IR signal. I must say that I can send a contact to my palm device and that works fine. Appreciate your help, preferably by email, [email protected]

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