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  1. A hard reset and its back installed. I wanted to try a couple of different roms anyway.
  2. I tried installing v1 but have the same error message. I cannot find anything within the registry that may be causing the problem. Nothing in the locations you have suggested and have searched the registry for "gchris*.*" Very strange. I may hard reset, at least thats one thing that is sure to work. :D
  3. Hi, I still cannot re-install this. I keep getting the message that installation is unsuccessful. There is nothing for sktools to uninstall and I've tried cleaning the registry and deleting the cheroclock folder within prog files. Can you offer any additional advice as to what could be causing this? thanks
  4. Great work gchris7. Always loved the titanium plugin thanks to it's simplicity and economy on system resources. Like it even more now. pjam
  5. Now that is very handy. If only my home coverage was a little better. <_< Tried at work today and even with just 2 bars the speed was great. I've read that the MF627 isn't compatible with the D100 router. :D
  6. Forgot it was unlimited. Is it a past deal that just happens to be lurking around still? (someones forgotten to remove it?) The router would be great, whether within the van or not. If I do go down the "mobile broadband" route I'll certainly look to get one of those. How long have you been using that link Paul, BB for £5 per month rather than £20/month + £10/month line rental would be great.
  7. Using mine as we speak. Thought it was a simple way of testing whether we could get away with a dongle in our household rather than normal broadband. (Hate paying line rental just to get BB). Speedtest.net shows about 0.5 Mbps which isn't that fast despite the dashboard suggesting hsdpa but acceptable for browsing. Used the £5 link; thanks Paul. Can this be used time and again or is it a one shot deal? A 50% discount is certainly not to be sniffed at. Cheers for the heads up on this dongle. Could be handy whilst away in the caravan. <_< (I know, I'm getting old) pjam Edit: Just started to download Media Player 11 (my usual speed test). This was typically 100 KB/s. (approx 0.8 Mbps)
  8. I use S2U2 (google for it) You can set it to not turn off the phone, but the phone is locked with the backlight off. pjam
  9. Bah!! Just phoned up to see if I can upgrade early but no, not until 27th December. The phone would cost £300+ from them as a pay-as-you go. :D Hmmm! how much do Vario 3's sell for second hand?
  10. Whoo Hooo! Disabling Assisted GPS solves the GPS lockups. At least for me. Found the info within the many posts of the ROM i had flashed. Someone had a similar prob with a different app. Happy Man. :D
  11. I've just encountered the same locking up with Memory Map after updating to the L26 V5 6.1 rom over at xda. Thanks for the work around. Very annoying though. (Wonders if he should have stayed with the T-Mobile 6.0 ROM) pjam
  12. I have exactly the same issue and would love a fix for this. T-mobile reception isn't so good where i live and i often switch over to wifi but obviously can't send email then. Like you said, a simple app that senses the connection and changes the smtp server would sort this. If isp's allowed the use of their smtp server from any connection there wouldn't be a problem.
  13. Same issue here. After loading the latest version of ca found that i couldn't validate the navizon credentials. I guessed it was navizon rather than ca. Good for someone else to confirm though. pjam
  14. Looby, I have a vw too with simliar colours. Could you possibly share the appropriate files? thanks pjam
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