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  1. That's a shame about the testing. Being in Australia, I don't think there'd be too much of that going on, considering we generally get most things 6 months later. As for Apple, from what I've used (which honestly isn't much, but I've had an afternoon or so to play with it), and from what other owners have told me, the responsiveness and the layout is pretty crisp. I'd actually love to run Android on my phone, it seems like a really neat looking OS (even though it's in very early stages). I understand there'd be even more bugs, but it'd be great to try something fresh, too.
  2. Hi guys, I've got a HTC Touch Dual and I think it's almost the perfect phone. It's got a hard keyboard input (I can't stand anything that doesn't have a tactile feel for input), and it's in what I think is a relatively attractive looking case. The only problem I have, is Windows Mobile. I've been using WM since around 2003, since I got my first Smartphone2. It opened up a whole new world to me, (my previous phones all being Nokias) there was all sorts of different software I could download for my phone, not to mention the beautiful looking screen and the games. The phones hardware gave me a bit of troubles (I bought it off eBay), the SD card slot stopped working after a while, and of course the classic joystick problem, where I tried to press Up and it'd press Left + Up and so on. So the outside of the phone was kinda shitty, but the Operating System was great for a standard "candy-bar" style phone. So I stuck with that phone for 2 years, until I was out of High School and got a job at Subway. One of the guys I worked with owned an i-mate JAM -- something I had never really seen before. Apart from all the popping and clicking it did when he went through the menus, I thought this phone was the bees knees. He was a bit of a geek himself, and had all sorts of weird apps for random uses, including a couple he was working on himself. It was at this point that I realised this lack of touch screen was for suckers, so I saved up my sandwich money and bought an i-mate KJAM. Not one of the most attractive phones out, it got the job done. This is when I realised that the connection between the physical phone and Operating System was no longer really apparent. HTC decided that they were going to try and revolutionize mobiling (if they weren't the first, then please -- correct me if I'm wrong) by adding in a sliding QWERTY keyboard, which rotated the screen to a landscape orientation, instead of the classic portrait. Obviously this wasn't an indea that had been around since day one of WM5, because the transition between the two orientations was shocking. Sure, there were ways to speed it up with registry hacks (I think?), but if you had a today screen full of plugins, it was sluggish and annoying. I put up with it though, because hey -- who else had a phone like this? Plus the big screen (but poor processor) was great (and crummy) for video playback. So a few years later again, I own a HTC Touch Dual, and once again I feel like the connection between the actual phone and the OS is lost. There are so many little things that just don't work properly -- but do not hinder the performance of the phone enough, that as I said I did previously -- I just put up with it. But that's the thing, do we all put up with little issues? Things like in WLM, when you switch between screens the on-screen input always appears, which is especially annoying when its the onscreen T9 keypad. Yeah, I can change it to the transcriber option, but I have to select that every time I restart my phone. But, I've learnt this little fix and now I put up with it. Or when I selected in my phones input settings to not capitalize every first letter of a sentence, but do you think it listened to me? Of course not, the input on this phone is clearly b0rkd. Example -- I can't even use my hardware keyboard as an input in Opera. I understand that Opera is a third party software, but why is there not some sort of universal keyboard input for phones? There is for computers, and software works perfect. It's funny, now that Apple are in the game and they're pushing their shiny OS which works so damn well, but I don't like the form of the iPhone, especially the lack of hardware keyboard. But now they're competing, as well as Google with Android, I'm really hoping that Microsoft picks up their game. But anyway, what are some issues that you've found, but have figured out a little work around that you put up with? Does anybody know if I can become a tester of some sort? I love 99% of the things that WM does, but there are some things that could make life so much easier (like being able to swap the scroll bar to the left side for lefties like myself, even though I'm used to TouchFlo now) or make WM more attractive (like changing the layout of the home screen, instead of the boring List style) to users. Disclaimer: Sorry if this rant seems out of place or if I contradict myself a lot of times, it's early in the morning and I'm frustrated with my phone.
  3. I was looking around on Facebook before when I saw yet another person who had lost their contacts/numbers due to a fault in their phone, and was requesting everyone send them theirs... This seems to happen fairly often now, including to yours truly, but this sort of thing never used to happen once upon a time when you saved numbers to your sim card. Even if your phone was water damaged, you could still save your numbers by simply putting your simcard into a new phone. If I remember correctly, you can't save multiple entries to a single name when saving to a simcard, you can only save a name/number. If this is the case, (unless there are new upgraded simcards out there?) then I was thinking perhaps phone manufacturers could include separate memory purely for contacts? Or even designate some of the pre-existing memory for contacts, so that if the phone operating system dies, or something else happens to it, the phone itself can be worked on/formatted and your contacts are still saved. I'm assuming people use a memory card of some sort for backing up most data like photos and documents, but this would be a convenient fix for something that can really piss people off, especially if they don't know how to sync their phone up with a computer (or don't have access to one). So what do you think?
  4. Was it sugar cubes or something? I'm looking at buying a new head unit for my car and need to get rid of some writing on it, screaming out IM A MOTORISED LCD SCREEN, TAKE MEEE :D
  5. I tried to do it myself and it didn't work either, I'll try the patch later. However, is there a way for the text input method to stop appearing when you're in a text box? I was on MSN last night and the keypad on the screen kept coming up, so I slid the keypad in/out and it went away, so when I finished writing a message i would slide in the keypad but that's realllllllllly annoying when you're trying to be quick :D
  6. Start Menu\Settings\Input\Options (under Touch Keypad)\XT9 Settings...\ Tried untick everything in there?
  7. Have you tried deleting the partnership in active sync on both your pc and phone? I haven't had this exact trouble before, but sometimes a certain item wouldn't sync so creating a new profile generally works, refreshes everything :D
  8. You can also use the contacts screen in the touchflo menu :D It's become invaluable for me, the way that the touchflo is used in menus and on the home screen is great :( Apple should come up with more cool stuff more often.
  9. Well there's your first problem really. Any PPC camera flash I've come across is pretty lousy.
  10. chuckie, just want to confirm that this doesn't disable the SMS Not Sent notification? :D
  11. I think OP was talking about removing the icons from the Settings menu, and I just had a look in the Settings folder in Windows\Start Menu\ and it's empty. Going by the way it uses tabs, would it be an application?
  12. Another thing I was just thinking about... When using the volume button and holding it up/down, perhaps there could be a cut off of some sort? Say, once it's full volume, it no longer registers if the volume button is being held in. You can push it up as often as you like, but no matter how hard you try to hold it, it doesn't go BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP. I know I've bumped it a couple of times, and actually on my old KJAM, the toggle switch used to be a bit sticky and would often stay in the up/down position and would either keep beeping or turn the volume right off.
  13. One that that's always annoyed me with Windows Mobile and how it treats sms tones is the fact that if you have a relatively long SMS tone, it plays its all the way to the end even though you've probably already read and replied to the txt message. Nokia phones have done it forever, whereas you can have a long tone in case you don't hear the short quick "message alert" tones. But, without changing tones, you could also have a quick SMS conversation because when you hit View, it would cut the noise off. What I really don't get though, is the fact that the alarm acts this way, so how hard would it be to adapt the code for SMS notifications? Perhaps have it hidden when its received, and when you hit the left soft key "View SMS", it pops the little window up with the message, and if it's longer than the bubble, View SMS would turn into View All. Any other suggestions? Cheers.
  14. I appear to be having the same issue, well, except for the fact it doesn't really matter to me now that DST is off, but it keeps setting my region to Sydney instead of Brisbane. Both GMT+10, but Sydney is affected by DST whereas Brisbane is not, and during DST it creates some issues... Otherwise it's all the same. On the same topic though, SOMEHOW this morning my alarm was set 3 times some how. The same alarm at the same time, and it created like an echo effect and I had to hit dismiss 3 times (1/3, 2/3 and 3/3). Lucky my alarm is turned off for Saturday otherwise I'd be up in an hour ;x
  15. Ahhh, smart thinking. It'll have to be under something generic in there, I'll have a look through it this weekend when I get around to installing some software onto it :D Cheers for the idea.
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