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  1. I changed my password after I got my email from haveibeenpwned, but this just highlights how people should / need to learn what a password database is, and start using them. Having a unique and randomly generated password for every site / application should be the norm now. Password databases aren't difficult to use, and there are plenty of cross-platform options, so you can easily access from windows / Apple / Android devices. Thanks for the quick response and responding to queries here.
  2. This does look like a nice camera, but do you have any recommendations for other budget IP cameras which will upload recorded content via FTP / Dropbox / Google etc so they can be used for security?
  3. Is active development on Switch all finished? Looking at what ROM to install, and tempted by a few, but if you release KitKat for Switch, I'll be all over it like a rash :).
  4. My battery life on 4.2.2 seems about the same if not slightly better. Not sure I have noticed any performance changes, but the settings pull down is a nice bonus. I really think Sense 5 is also the perfect balance between improving stock Android without being too intrusive. I've got 4.3 on my Nexus 7, and haven't noticed any change in normal usage (apart from the fact that it always takes the MX Player team a while to get out an update so I can use it again).
  5. Mine was absolutely fine - and the writer of the article has every right to demand a perfect example. With regards to Apple, they do also get it wrong, and people are apopleptic about it, but, they have lots of physical retail stores, in addition to regular phone suppliers, and so getting a replacement is easy.
  6. For those without root currently, beauty of revone is that your phone isn't wiped, unlike if you unlock the bootloader at htcdev.com.
  7. I used www.freeunlocks.com to unlock my EE locked handset. Strangely, the site didn't work on Chrome, and when you type in your IMEI, it will say it's a legacy 2012 handset. I got it for free, by using Trialpay, though I used the Now TV free trial to trigger it, and I had to email Trialpay support, as the offer didn't register as being completed initially - in all it took a couple of days, with 30 days free access to watch movies on Now TV :D.
  8. I love my HTC One, and don't mind Sense, but this would be great. HTC are still better at updates than LG (though when it finally came, the ICS update for the Optimus 2X was actually very, very good)
  9. Is it possible to have shortcuts in the dock? I typically have a couple (one a direct dial, and one a direct message). (currently back on Nova Launcher Prime until I can resolve that).
  10. So, I had my P990 sitting in a drawer, and decided to download the official ICS upgrade, and I'm amazed. It's a lovely ROM. If only LG had released this a year (or a year and a half) ago, I'd have probably kept this handset as my main handset. It's smooth, responsive, and really nicely built.
  11. Yes, but this is a free service. Personally I don't like free public networks, but for people with limited data, it could be a useful free way of getting their devices online.
  12. I'm surprised it's quite so lonely in here - there seem to be a few more on xda. It's a great and underrated phone!
  13. Will it be possible to merge old US account with UK one?
  14. goatee

    Nexus 7 Review

    Transformers is only streamed if you don't download it ;).
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