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  1. Hmm, according to http://www.theverge.com/2012/6/29/3125396/google-nexus-7-review it had Bluetooth 4.0. Looks like they didn't read the box. ;)
  2. My wife has a Lumia 710 from T-Mobile UK (model code 59M722) and according to the Nokia page, the update is available for that model code, but nothing appears on handset or Zune desktop app. My Lumia 800 from T-Mobile UK is still being shown as waiting approval on Nokia's website.
  3. Can you confirm whether it supports Bluetooth Low Energy?
  4. Wow, this is a really easy competition to enter. Not at all creative, so the other 3 probably won't apply for me - but nice to just enter by posting here. Colleague has a Galaxy Tab, so would be interesting to be able to compare them.
  5. Why is the total donated going backwards? I thought it was around £934 earlier, then down to £919, now at £917...
  6. Where did you get those details? I say this because the display resolution requirements are wrong. It's WVGA or HVGA only (HVGA not supported at launch). Also camera must be 5MP+. Finally, capacitive touchscreen capable of 4 points of multi-touch is required. Omnia II has a resistive screen and no multi-touch (I believe).
  7. I've just ordered an HD2 from T-Mobile for my wife. I went for the cheapest tariff which was £10 per month, for 24 months, making the handset £241. However, I get free internet, unlimited texts (and 100 mins per month). I also get £50 vouchers for recommending her (and 3 months free on-network calls). It would have been £190 for me on upgrade (as I have 50% discount with Friends and Relations discount), so upgraded to a G2 Touch for much less, and going to sell it to fund the HD2.
  8. It's the same with CoPilot - you can transfer license between WinMo and Android, but not to/from their iPhone version.
  9. Has anyone else ordered one recently? Any improvement in the prices being quoted for upgrades? No-one has added anything to this thread for over a week!
  10. Considering that Apple push the "Do one thing and do it well" ethos at their iPhone developer events - I kind of agree with his comments. They say that rather than having one large monolithic application which does everything (but maybe not everything very well) - people can get lots of little apps which do the bits they want - and each can be tailored to do their thing well. Writing a (mobile) application to do a particular task, or even a few tasks is significantly easier than a much larger, fully integrated (PC) application. That doesn't mean that either are trivial, but that in comparison they're easier. Take, for example, Photoshop - the full PC app is huge - but the mobile Photoshop apps are much leaner and tailored towards a smaller set of tasks.
  11. That's capacitive screens for you - they detect the presence of your finger without you having to actually touch it. Certainly on the iPhone we use at work for development, you don't actually need to physically touch the screen for it to react to your finger.
  12. Can anyone provide a picture of the leather case? Does it have a belt clip? I have a Vario III but didn't like the case which came with it, so stuck with the one I've used with my Vario I - nice strong belt clip and magnetic flip cover. Would hate to have something that didn't go on a belt, or required the belt to feed through it (rather than just clipping on). Plus, has to be a magnetic clip - don't want silly poppers etc! Thanks
  13. Started off for me (Flext35 + WnW with 50% Friends/Relatives discount) at £381.70! (That's more than the base price someone else said was £350). I asked about the size of discount I got, and was told £50. I then asked whether I could do anything to my tariff to make a significant difference to that value and she went and checked, and I said how the friends and relations discount probably was why the phone price was so high, and she then said "Oh, I missed that, that's another £200 discount then" - which she then took it down to £181.71. Didn't go for it, as it's still a big figure, and I'm not 100% sure about the phone yet - but might be helpful to others.
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