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  1. If it's for a known number, then you can set that contact's custom ring to a silent sound file.
  2. The drama continued here: http://www.modaco.com/content/HTC-Juno-Pho...ks/#entry882622, but still no conclusion.
  3. Maybe if you check to validate the server certificate you will get more information about the certificate itself? Or when you're on the network, see if you can access https://ias.cssd.pitt.edu. If you're lucky, they have IIS running that is using the same certificate as the IAS server used for PEAP authentication. Or find a Macintosh user?
  4. In the Protected EAP Properties window on your PC, look for the certificate with the checkmark. That should be the one used by that wireless connection.
  5. Have it run vjdevicelock.exe (http://www.vijay555.com/?Releases:VJDeviceLock). The .cab file is most likely locked for installation of PocketPC. If it is, extract the .exe with this program: http://www.codeppc.com/telechargements/msceinf/msceinf.htm or use the attached file. VJDeviceLock.exe
  6. I get the same message if I select properties on PEAP. Try finding/creating a personal certificate and importing it?
  7. See if this helps: \HKLM\Comm\EAP\Extension\25\ValidateServerCert=dword:00000000 via: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=284534
  8. Hmm. You may be right, but perhaps windows mobile is more picky (buggy on these matters). Go to settings > security > certificates > root to see what certificates are installed. Compare that with the list on the PC and try installing the ones the device doesn't have. Also check if you have any personal certificates installed on the PC as well.
  9. By default, holding down the Home key will bring up the quick list to set profile, etc. But if you want that key to do launch a program, just take a shortcut of an app you want to launch, copy & rename it to Long_Home (the .lnk extension is hidden) and *copy it to the windows folder*. I have mine mapped to a mortscript that runs Oxios CloseApps (http://www.oxios.com/memory/) and then close the resulting window for a quick way to tell all apps to close and free up some memory / cpu. Some of the info came from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=355141 You can probably remap some other keys as well, such as giving the camera button dual functions.
  10. PEAP authentication usually involves a root certificate on the authentication server and optionally a personal certificate for each user. I suspect that personal certificates are not used since they are a pain to distribute. If the school generated their own root certificate, then you will need to install that certificate on your device as well. It would be easiest to just find a wireless laptop that connects to the wireless network, open the wireless properties for the preferred network, authentication tab, click properties under EAP: type:PEAP, and check trusted root certificates. If you see one with your school's name, then you just need to export and install that certificate on your device. You can export certificates from IE: tools > internet options > content tab > certificates > trusted root certification authorities. It is also possible that the school is using a commercially bought root certificate that the shadow doesn't have installed. You just need to determine which one it is and install it on the device.
  11. I'm sure many computer sellers were totally convinced that your PC would not work (may explode even) if not purchased with a contract for an internet dial-up package. I'm still alive. Don't give in to the pitch.
  12. I'm not aware of any t-mobile data plans that charge per bit. Of course, I only know t-mobile USA so I guess it could be different in another country.
  13. Was the rep totally lying? I'm not aware of any per-minute Internet plans from t-mobile, unless you're using your phone like an analog phone to access dial-up internet, which would use voice minutes. Or maybe if you're roaming?
  14. Midian, yes, I want to know how to brick my shadow. I'm already on my third shadow so I AM NOT AFRAID. Please just post the instructions. I don't need proof, video or otherwise, that your shadow is fubar. I'm sure there is a blender website for that sort of thing. I just need to know the facts of how it's done. Thanks.
  15. I could be wrong. It has been a while. Checking here: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms839391.aspx, perhaps it's COLOR_HIGHLIGHT instead?
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