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  1. I unpacked it...but the file is in a folder named Russia_Retail. I am looking for a release where I can use Italian. How can I work it out? Sorry again..."offline updater"? what do you mean? Thanks
  2. Sorry...I downloaded the upgrade to 1.47: is a .rar file. How do I now install it on the mobile? Do I have to copy it somewhere in the MPX220...just the file like it is now ? Thanks
  3. Does anyone know how to create a new folder for sms (beside the incoming, sent and draft folders) with WM 2003 in a smartphone? I mean a simple new folder to be used as an archive, for example. Something like the folder you can create in Outlook. Many thanks
  4. OK, but I am looking for the solution allowing to pre-set a lower volume, without pressing the button each time.
  5. Could someone tell me how to lower down a bit the loud volume of the wav file called Moto_Startup and Moto_Powerdown, that plays turning on or off the telephone. May be it's enough to fix something in the registry. Thanks
  6. I am interested in your program...actually the main feature I'm interested in, is the SMSNotify Contact Reminder, but I wonder why this feature is not available in the trial version (if I correctly understand the specs in Smartphone.net). Can you allow it? otherwise is not a real trial version! Beside SMS, is it possible with your program to set reminders (a sort of ringtone that plays every certain time, until dismissed from the popup screen) also for lost phone calls; and reminder for calendar events (as far as I know now, with Smartphone 2003 you can only set a certain number of reminders every certain period, but not indefinitely)? One more question, does you program work properly with MPX220? Thanks
  7. A question on Oxios ToDo List It seems that if I mark a task as completed, when I am sync with Outlook on the PC, it stays just a second marked, then disappears and I can't find it with with any views (even "all tasks" or "completed"). Instead I can correctly see through Outlook. If I uncheck the task with Outlook, then I can see it again with Oxios as well. What have I got to properly set, to not make completed tasks disappear when I am sync with Outlook (everything is fine if I don't sync)? Where am I wrong? One more question...is there any way to create sub-categories with Oxios ToDo List? Many thanks for help
  8. I checked again...the completed task disappears in the device, only if I am connected (with ActiveSync) with Outlook (where it appears correctly completed) and it doesn't apperas any more in the device, unless I unckeck it through Outlook. So...I still got the problem to see the completed tasks with Oxios ToDo List, without being afraid of connecting to Outlook. Thanks for help
  9. It seems that if I mark a task as completed, it stays a couple of seconds marked, then disappears and I can't find it with with any views (even "all tasks" or "completed"). Instead I can correctly see it if I sync the list in the PC. What have I got to properly set, to not make tasks disappear once completed? Where am I wrong? One more question...is there any way to create sub-categories? Many thanks for help
  10. Some silly questions... I cannot copy some bmp files in the monitor folder (\Storage\Application|Data\Home\monitor) located in a Motorola MPX220, through ActiveSync; I already got the monitor folder in the MPX220, but I simply cannot copy the bmp files. I don' know if I got to set something before, or if I got to remove a sort of restriction for copying bmp files in my monitor folder I also cannot find, through Active Sync, the ink files in Storage\Windows\Start Menu in my MPX220. Instead I find them through file manager of the device. I also select the option of disclosing the hidden files, but nothing happened. In this case too, is there a restriction to remove just to find the ink files? Any help will be much appreciated
  11. Where can I find a user guide of Oxios To Do List, without being forced to browse all the menus, in order to learn the program? Thanks
  12. I had some simple features in an old Moto that I can't find in the MPX220. Someone can help me? Here they are: Is there a chance to find (and display) the date of a recorded voice memo, without editing it manually? Is it possible that you can't record a memo with a one touch button (it seems that the volume up&down left button works only from the homescreen), while you're making a call? Thanks for help
  13. birlest

    Audible/Visual Alerts on Mpx220

    Ok I found SMS where you told me. If I put the suggested script string there (Script (String Value) = apw30rapw30r), that means to repeat the notification twice each 30 seconds? ot what? Do you know if someone found out how to have the notification repeated every a certain time, just until you read the message? Where have I got to put the string to have the same repeated notification also for the lost calls? Many thanks
  14. birlest

    Audible/Visual Alerts on Mpx220

    Thanks for the clue... I still got a question: I can't find the SMS folder in the tree you mentioned. Have I got to create it or is it somewhere else or am I wrong in some way? Can I find somewhere else a similar string so that I can copy and adapt it without making mistakes? Thanks
  15. birlest

    vibrate on sms

    Can you pls tell me where I can find a registry editor (I knew "regedit" in Windows, but I don't know if it works with the registry of Windows CE). What is PHM (what's PHM for?) Registry editor? If I make some changes in the registry, can I always save a back up copy of the previous version of my registry? Many thanks

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