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  1. pedroms1

    The MoDaCo + eXpansys £2.5m voucher bonanza

    Can you send it again? I forgot to change my email in modaco. :D
  2. pedroms1

    GBA Emulator: Playable and Doable!

    The difference between this post and that one is the fact that this is intended to wm5, because i never tried wm2003. And, ths already explains how to use sphelper here and instead of using the cab manager to extract the files, there's made manually. I kind of dont have tme to try these things, but maybe, if VBAdvancePPC0213 is'nt for smartphones, and you think that it should run faster, maybe you can try to extract it with wince cab manager, and try the same method. Hope it is someday playable in our 200Mhz processor, but if it doesnt my next smartphone or ppc surelly will be more powerfull, because playing gba can be a determinant factor. medizichen, how does the graphite manages to play this emulator? too slow? Pedro
  3. pedroms1

    GBA Emulator: Playable and Doable!

    Hi, I'm sorry I dont have the time to update this guide. I will do it soon. But Hugo, if you are gonna try it. I will help you. Now you can play it with the update with the latest versions. To make it just do as in the tutorial, but with these links updated: The emulator: http://www.spicypixel.com/download/release...etupPPC2003.exe The Module: http://www.spicypixel.com/download/release...etupPPC2003.exe To make it better, you can, with SPHelper, configure the frameskip and the keys. If you need some help, tell me. Pedro
  4. Just wanted to tell you about this update I've found in the Windows Mobile site, since I havent seen it anywhere on modaco. If some one can tell if that troubleshooter is that good, it would be great, since it seems the most noticeable difrence from the others. But is it enough to go from 4.2 to 4.5? Check and download it yourself here: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/dow...tivesync45.mspx Pedro
  5. pedroms1

    GBA Emulator: Playable and Doable!

    I will do it tomorrow then. I will only change the name. I think people disapointed with the new update... Until tomorrow then. Pedro
  6. pedroms1

    GBA Emulator: Playable and Doable!

    I thought it was dead, but since there's so much interest in this thead, (not that interest, bue there's still some.. :) ) i will update it with the new version that supports AKU update, updated links and with the settings changeable. Just a question, should I create a new post or satay with this one? btw, anyone can tell me how to change the title of the tread? Pedro
  7. Does anyone know if it is really possible to keep wifi active and phone doesnt run out of battery for 100 hrs?? My SP5 strugles to reach 5 hrs!!
  8. pedroms1

    GBA Emulator: Playable and Doable!

    Not really. lol I cant find the gba module that someone talks about here, that should work fine with AKU2. Now i've tried the emulator with my friend's ppc, to sort somethings out, but still need to try it with the new module. I know that its almost impossible to play at great speeds a GBA emulator made for ppc, but we can always try. Btw, Lately i didnt have the time to work on this. Pedro
  9. pedroms1

    Samsung i600 (aka Blackjack)

    Just a little something that is confusing me... Is this Samsung the one that has all these photos HERE, and has the specs HERE?? It doesnt look like that because the color scheme of the keyboard and the scrollwheel are diffrent. And another question about the specs: What processor is that? Is this the first smartphone with microsoft office applications? Knowing that this SP has PPC apps, could this one have a Wi-fi network browser?? If this happens, this smartphone could be even more perfect than what we thought. If anyone can answer, or has a clue, please Pedro
  10. I've bought my SP5 from expansys.com and got it in about 2 days, and had no problem at all. And remember that if you want wi-fi you should go to a variant, althought the c600 is cheaper.
  11. pedroms1

    Skype for Windows Smartphone imminent?

    You can always use the headset that came with your device. This will get anysound that should go to the speakers.
  12. pedroms1

    GBA Emulator: Playable and Doable!

    Yes, it is. That's why its necessary all this things to mae it work as it should on a smartphone. I havent tried this one yet, but if tehere is any sound, turn it off. Then, follow the instructions in that post. ((This one)). Hope it helps. Pedro
  13. pedroms1

    GBA Emulator: Playable and Doable!

    Thanks a lol, I didn't know they have a new GBA module. Going to try it asa I can. (probably saturday, because of the finals). Hope we can do better with this one. It should work kind of fine, but maybe this GBA module is a bit slower... but at least it works! But, here is how I've done with the old one, to get best experience: It is in this post. Now, if anyone can do it, try it, to be sure it plays in all phones. (hoping it works with the AKU2 update) Pedro
  14. If you know of a way to chat with them, as you already did, just inform them that the poll should be made here, in a forum that has smartphone users, there's no point in making it in a forum that has about 10 users. I dont think that it should make any diffrence. Pedroms
  15. Yes, its true. No one is going to register in a site just to click once, and then never go again. And I think that its not because 12 users vote on a poll that a gba emulator is going to exist. If they are going to make the emulator, they do it... Although, I agree that the poll should be in modaco, where VERY people would vote, and we would talk and discuss the must haves and the things that we can get rid off (like the sound, that must not exist to play at smooth speeds). So, you can try to make a poll, and then inform the maker that it is happening here. About the way to play GBA I discovered, it's such a way to play GBA while a Smartphone version of GBA emulator doesnt come out, as its a little bugger and you need to do too many stuff, I kind of published it to show that its possible to play GBA roms in our smartphones.

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