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  1. Last night there were 85% off phones (see links earlier) saying 9 days left, tonight there are no phones being sold by him! :angry2: Will keep watch on what you guys actually gt and if he gets back to selling phones again!
  2. aliaird

    Would you buy the v5 again?

    So am I the first to have a cracked screen?! My daughter just dropped it on a tile floor! Any ideas anyone on difficulty or otherwise of replacing the screen? It's it a simple job or one that is best left to the experts?
  3. aliaird

    Would you buy the v5 again?

    It's funny, isn't it how inconsistent things seem to be. I've never had any of the problems I had with the V5 GPS with the MX58 Pro. I am really pleased with the Mlais in that regard, both on Google Maps and Navigation I downgraded my MX58 ROM from the one it came with (dated 1 July) to the one dated 28 June, and it's been a bit smoother, and the Antutu scores are now where I would expect to see them - c.14000+, so there might have been a bug in the latest ROM? Will keep my eyes out for a new battery though, hopefully it will fit my phone!
  4. aliaird

    Would you buy the v5 again?

    Battery is not good. No way is it 2500mAh. It's a day's battery at best. It ran out on me today at 5pm and I don't think I was using it hard. The V5 is MUCH better batterywise. And value wise imho at the moment. Will keep plugging away.
  5. aliaird

    Would you buy the v5 again?

    So I had a big session, just me and the MX58 having a few home truths over the weekend and he's decided to improve his behaviour. I tried a load of ROMs from needrom and really loved the Samsung port, really smooth and quick, but the GPS wasn't working at all, so that had to go. In the end i went back to my original ROM and built it up again from scratch, and things seem to be better . I wonder whether when I used Go Backup to restore the apps I had on my V5 whether some system settings were getting copied across and causing problems. I don't know, but I'm no longer seeing 8000 on Antutu, more like 12, and the occasional 14. I think I will just relax and enjoy the phone now for a bit... (unless a new ROM comes along of course!)
  6. aliaird

    Would you buy the v5 again?

    No. My blue dot is solid and exactly where I am. When you first turn it on and it is using Wifi and A-GPS to get a rough position until it gets a good GPS signal, it's a little variable, and has a bit blue circle or doubt, but once it has a good lock, it's very stable. I'm really happy with the GPS side of this phone. Are you getting something different on your Air? Just took it on a 5 minute dog walk and it had me precisely where I was, to about a couple of metres I would say
  7. aliaird

    Would you buy the v5 again?

    I've been playing with MX58 Pro a little more, and I'm still not happy about the processor. Whilst I've (once) seen 14k on Antutu, have a look at the one I did earlier today! And today's battery... Not what I expected from a 2500 mAh battery. And it's not as if I have thrashed it.. Not quite sure what to do.... (not sure if the photos are uploading properly, right click and open in new tab seems to work for me. - 8745 Antutu and 100% to 9& in 8 hours 8 minutes...
  8. aliaird

    Would you buy the v5 again?

    Re compass, it seems to be broadly accurate, perhaps a few degrees off my Silva, Every now and then it is totally wrong (magnetic interference?) Not really sure where you would want to use a phone compass, but I wouldn't rely on it in the field over a proper compass. The MIUI rom I tried (and failed!) to load last night has a note on it saying "compass not working" in the ROM so by inference they assume it is working on other ROMs.
  9. aliaird

    Would you buy the v5 again?

    So my Mlais MX58T Pro arrived today from Merimobiles. I ordered on 1 August and paid for DHL Express delivery. I had to pick it up this morning and pay £18 VAT / Customs or whatever, so a bit annoying but its the first time so overall not too bad. So order to phone in a week. Not bad. The phone came with a silicon protector and screen protector, plus a spare screen. I'd ordered it rooted and with a spare screen, but seem to have got a case and another installed screen protector as well :) First impressions are that the phone is well built, smart (I like the little red trim!) and the screen is lovely. :wub: The GPS works perfectly, which is the primary reason for choosing the Mlais so very happy about that. :D My only concern is that when I had restored all the apps from my Vowney (using Go Backup, beginning to like this over Titanium btw) I thought I'd run Antutu.... My V5 showed 12k, but the Mlais only showed 9.7k, then 10k. Not happy with that at all and not quite sure why.... I was expecting nearer 15. Apex Launcher doesn't feel as buttery smooth as I was expecting and I get the occasional slight lag. I wonder whether it might have been the mass loading of 100 apps etc that has done something so I might do a factory wipe, load Antutu and run it to see what I get. Then maybe try a different ROM. The chip is as expected, so I think it might be something minor, but at the moment it's a bit disappointing. Will update as I start to play with it. Any good Mlais forums out there btw?! I would liketo get CWM on there before I start flashing new ROMS but not found one yet. I tried using Mobiuncle and flashing the one that works on the V5 but it didn't seem to work. I might try it again just to double check. Needrom looks like it has a TWRP Recovery I can install so that will do, but I'd like CWM if possible, I just know it better.
  10. BTW, does anyone have trouble with your Dual Sim remembering your voicemail number? I take out my work sim from my work bberry at the weekend and put it into my V5, and whilst the phone recognises the SIM and remembers I call it "Work SIM" I have to re-enter the Voicemail number (which I always forget and have to google!!!) Then it seems to override my private SIM voicemail number. It should remember both numbers and change depending on which VM I am trying to pick up but it seems it can only cope with one. Just me? Everyone? Or me doing something wrong?
  11. I got fed up of dithering over what to buy, so just bought the MLais MX58Pro. Just hope it gets here before my holiday now!! :)
  12. I have the Vowney V5 and aside from the GPS issue I think it is a cracking phone. It is quick, great big screen, well built, and great value for money. I use Giffgaff in the UK that runs on the O2 network and its fine on 3G.
  13. Was getting all interested in the MLais MX 58 Pro earlier but I don't think it would work on 3G in the UK, am I right? Mlais Frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, WCDM 850/2100MHz whereas UK is UMTS 900, UMTS 2100 for 3G I'm told. Am I correct? It wouldn't work?
  14. aliaird

    Would you buy the v5 again?

    I have the Vowney V5 and have spent a load of time trying to get the GPS working satisfactorily. If you get all the A-GPS stuff sorted, it connects well, to 8 or 9 satellites and works fine as a satnav at normal speeds, whether using Copilot, Sygic or Google Navigation. The trouble starts when you are trying to wind your way through roads in a town and your 'location' wanders and your phone starts thinking you are on a parallel road and reroutes you. It's bad enough for me to really struggle with it, and I'm expecting it to go wrong so am watching it closer than I should. I'm going to pass the V5 off to my daughter, and get another, but need one that the GPS works well. Compass is not an issue for me. Rico_89, where did you read about the MLais working well? Any other sources you have found discussing GPS and Chinese phones?
  15. aliaird

    [ROM] Vowney v5 Custom ROM - updated 04/07/2013

    I have an old standalone GPS unit that I used to connect over Bluetooth to my Smartphone to see if that would give me a good GPS signal. I was trying to get it to connect to my V5 but can't manage it. Any ideas?

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