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  1. When I use my Jabra BT200 with my C550 - it will not disconnect and kills the battery pretty quickly - it seems to treat it as a handsfree connection. any help cheers si
  2. Another thing that I have noticed - is how long it takes to Boot. I am only comparing to my E200.. It takes quite a while - probably just over 30 secs..
  3. Brilliant new toy for me to play with - one big worry though...... not sure how long the rubber protector over headphone/usb jack is going to last. Not sure if it comes off but its atight fit with the headphones in.
  4. No worries - ignore me - just change the buttons to correspond with MediaPlayer instead of Orangeplayer
  5. Without having to trawl through instructions - can anyone tell me which folder to put (Or create) so that my music shows up in th My Music (for the buttons on the C550. I didnt have a C500 either so - I am just playing around. Cheers Si
  6. C550 coming tomorrow in the post......... so here comes the stupid questions....... does it use same charger/sync cable as C500 (as I need to order from Boxwave or one of the affiliated sites) ?? does it use same memory - so I can order a 512 from Moby ?? any suggestions on a decent priced bluetooth GPS ?? (cheaper is best at the mo !) might just use the E200 for TomTom though - as I wont mind leaving it in the glove compartment - now the new phone on its way Cheers Si
  7. I spoke to Orange on Friday - as I had to replace another E200 with a knackered joystick. As I am not outside my contract they offered me an upgrade instead of sending another phone out. I told them that I was waiting on C550 and they stated that it was now on their system and has July launch date. They couldnt specify when, but they said stocks are ready. may as well wait myself
  8. I know that - it was not discovering it !!! sussed it now - cheers si
  9. Can anyone help me get this bloody thing working.... I have updated my E200 to the latest ROM - but cant pair my bluetooth headset (which I just acqured from a mate) can anyone take me through how to do it ?? cheers si
  10. To be quite honest - my E100 is apalling as far as batt life concerned..... I use it s*** loads and it never lasts a day. Orange have replaced it several times... I will get the E200 as soon as I know that I can have 2 days life in the batt :lol:
  11. if I dont get the complimentary ' We have sent you too much kit' the cam will being swapped for an original SPV cam mate (unfortunately I am learning quickly in these forums :) ) Here is the new SPV sat charging , and where its staying till at least this time tomorrow ;) just a pity I have to get used to the diddy t68i again (its truly s***) Dsc00053.jpg
  12. something do with it being illegal to record a phone callunless both parties agree for it to be recorded :)
  13. Usual brilliant service ....they got my new phone to me this morn , they asked for just handset, batt and charger.... Just opened the box when I got home and its the entire pack...
  14. E100's are going for ridiculous money ..... had a quick look while I was looking for acessories . Think was going for about £380 Brand New , Unlocked wetc etc
  15. Are the cases such as the Krusell one any good or do they get in the way ?? Within only 3 weeks of having the phone I have scratched the blue back to bits , and have a few marks on my screen... football,booze, and E100 are not compatible !!
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