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  1. Pzee make something for C550 please it does'nt work properly on c550 :cry: thanks in advance
  2. I got my hands on spv c550 on 2/08/05 4 o clock charged it until its orange charging light went green and charging icon near to the signal icon disappeared round about 8'o clock I thought it is fully charged up and in power managment it shows battery life 100% after that i made couple of calls just played for 15 to 20 minutes with my new phone then again i put it on the charge before going to bed wake up in the morning and i took my mobile at work i am not allowed to use my mobile on work so at dinner time when i took my mobile out its battery was showing only 2 bars by time came back from home just one bar remaining. between 2/08/05 to today 5/08/05 i charge my mobile for 3 times. What do you lot say I think this mobile inharited to thing from its ancestor e200 1. Joystick 2. battery problem
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