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  1. Title says it all really, Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Boxed with all accessories (which are unused). Receipt from Carphone Warehouse in box for warranty purposes Titanium Grey colour. Phone was bought unlocked from new but has a 3 splash screen because Huawei allowed 3 to do that if a 3 sim was the first inserted - not a mistake I will make again Screen protector still intact. In a case from new, mint condition £345 incl RMSD Payment by bank transfer Forgot to say that if this is your thing I also have the bootloader unlock code (unused) for this device
  2. richardyates

    Wyzecam Camera, £35 inc

    I’ve sent an email, is there a PM system, if so Tapatalk didn’t find it
  3. richardyates

    Wyzecam Camera, £35 inc

    Yes please to the Wyze cam
  4. richardyates

    modaco ROM stck in boot loop

    Rooted my 2X, installed clockworkmod Having flashed with a baked rom the phone is now in a boot loop - it switches from the LG startup logo to the modaco boot logo and back again. It refuses to restore from the backup I made - it hangs on the LG logo I've tried baking another rom, but that takes me straight back into the alternating logos Any ideas welcome! Update: worked 3rd time, relief:-))
  5. richardyates

    I want to hold it...

    Did you get any reply on this?
  6. Same site that charged me £25 to unlock a Palm Pre Plus!
  7. richardyates

    SF is it really that good?

    Don't think I've ver been called a geezer before but... sedj why don't you read what I wrote about battery life before you try to sound like you know what you're talking about. If you don't want to sound like you're still in nappies stop behaving like it
  8. richardyates

    SF is it really that good?

    Tell you what. I'm 50, and had my first mobile before 1990, I think I'm now over 300 mobiles (lost count). This is without doubt the best £99 phone there has ever been. As for battery life, my SF was taken off charge at 9am this morning and went back on charge at 11:15 tonight - showing 84% left. OK camera not up to much but everything else is stunningly good value - in case you're wondering, current crop of phones includes an iPhone 4 which has been little used since I got this and applied the Modaco ROM
  9. Finally got my SF flashed to the Modaco rom - brilliant job Paul, well done. Two real questions: 1) Any way to gett he Orange clock on the Orange software - don't know why but I rather liked it 2) any advice on wallpapers - I was reading about android malware and it does seem a bit of a problem - this morning I nearly downloaded an analogue clock, until I saw that it wanted "full internet access" - I can't see how it could need that? Thanks again
  10. That's almost exactly what happened to me. Paul suggested that I check the MD5 checksum of the file - which I did, and it turned out OK, so the solution was to wipe the file on the SD and try again. It failed again, but 3rd time it worked. So I'd concentrate on cleaning up that SD card and trying again. Somewhere in Orange's T & C's is going to be something that gives them the right to charge you if you trash it like this, I'll bet. If they do swap it out, someone is going to try to find out what went wrong, so I'd concentrate on trying to fix it, good luck - and stick with it, its worth it
  11. Strange, but 3rd time seems lucky:-) (Relief)
  12. I have checked the md5 checksum and its correct. So I deleted the tar.gz from the MicroSD and copied the file over again. No different - power on the phone and Mr Android just sits there looking green:-(( Really stumped - have flashed plenty of phones in the past (though only 1 android) but I can't see how to get back from here.... From where I am, I doubt it matters, but this is on osx snow leopard
  13. Bit of a disaster: Rooted no great problem Failed to pick up the tar.gz file. Read through the thread and reduced it to mcri-system.tar.gz Picked that up alright - got as far as the green android and hasn't done anything for 30 mins:-(( Suggestions welcome!
  14. richardyates

    Can't application unlock my C500

    Thanks for the encouragement - after go #8 it worked :-))
  15. richardyates

    Can't application unlock my C500

    Yes that's exactly what I've tried - I've just tried again, this time using Firefox - gives me a "request timed out error" - who do I have to ring at Orange about this - or would the developers forum be the best place to ask?

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