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  1. Apologies, was just typing sold, I have emailed you
  2. My much loved Gemini is up for sale - it doesn't get as much use as it did and I would rather move it on for something else This is a unique device - think Psion 5 running android with proper wifi and 4G. Boxed as new - exactly what you get here: https://store.planetcom.co.uk/products/gemini-pda-1 £250 incl RMSD Payment by bank transfer
  3. This is the very phone reviewed by Gavin here: https://gavinsgadgets.com/?s=V50 It is boxed with all the accessories This is an import from Korea. when you first set it up there are some apps in Korean which can be hidden. One menu in Korean cannot be hidden so far as I can tell I have taken some great shots with this phone, but you can only have so many I will supply a Ringke case. Screen protector on since I got it Payment by bank transfer
  4. Snapdragon 855 6.39 screen 64gb/6gb variant Triple camera 48+16+12mp Boxed as new. NB plug is an EU plug - it was purchased from Amazon Spain It's a great device, I just have too many toys. £225 to include RMSD Full specs here https://www.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_mi_9-9507.php Screen protector and case fitted from new Payment by bank transfer
  5. go on then, yes please Mike - assuming the screen marks on picture 3 are just reflections
  6. I exchanged this last week but have decided it isn't for me - I'd miss Face ID too much. This has to be the most mint second hand phone I have bought in 10 years, it is immaculate, has never been locked and still has about a month of warranty left. The battery status is 100%. It is boxed with all of the accessories unused - you really could say it looks new I can trade this in at CPW against a Note 9 for £620* but before I do, I'm offering it here at a breakeven - £630 to include RMSD. It would really be quite a shame if it went off to the recyclers - I have 2-3 days before it has to go, so any takers? Payment by bank transfer £630 to include RMSD *since I have been asked, there is an extra £200 on the Note 9 trade in only
  7. All accessories unused Full spec here https://www.gsmarena.com/apple_iphone_8-8573.php glass screen protector and case from new. Apple warranty page says warranty until April 2019 Payment by bank transfer £500 to incl RMSD
  8. You may wonder why I have so many devices.  Being on 2 podcasts doesn't help.  Nor does my search for the perfect phone 🙂

  9. About the smallest Windows 10 Pro notebook I can find. It is really compact but very good for viewing media because of the yoga format. I have used it when travelling with great success. Pretty much the full spec is here, although it doesn't mention the micro SD card slot which is pretty useful:https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Lenovo-ZA150015GB-10-1-Inch-Black-Laptop/dp/B01M2YOST2/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1536349213&sr=8-3&keywords=lenovo+yoga+bookIt is boxed in as new condition. I have mislaid the power plug, it is a standard micro USB charger - I will include one with the box£250 to include RMSD Payment by bank transfer
  10. Another phone I bought that I have hardly used! Mint condition, dual sim.Full specification here:https://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_s9+-8967.phpPhone has been fitted with a screenknight screen protector straight out of the box and has a ringke case, so it is protected all roundBoxed with all accessories as new unused. NB Power plug is EU. I bought this on the old PSC Forum£520 to include RMSD Payment by bank transfer
  11. Network unlocked UK stock You can see the specifications here: https://www.gsmarena.com/lg_g7_thinq-9115.php I bought this and have scarcely used it. It hasn't actually been out of the house. It has been part of my unending quest to find the perfect android for me Fitted with a glass screen protector and I will include a blue shell case Cheapest I can find this for is £459 new, which is basically what you will get here - all the accessories are included and have not been used £400 to include RMSD Payment by bank transfer
  12. Title says it all really, Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Boxed with all accessories (which are unused). Receipt from Carphone Warehouse in box for warranty purposes Titanium Grey colour. Phone was bought unlocked from new but has a 3 splash screen because Huawei allowed 3 to do that if a 3 sim was the first inserted - not a mistake I will make again Screen protector still intact. In a case from new, mint condition £345 incl RMSD Payment by bank transfer Forgot to say that if this is your thing I also have the bootloader unlock code (unused) for this device
  13. I’ve sent an email, is there a PM system, if so Tapatalk didn’t find it
  14. Rooted my 2X, installed clockworkmod Having flashed with a baked rom the phone is now in a boot loop - it switches from the LG startup logo to the modaco boot logo and back again. It refuses to restore from the backup I made - it hangs on the LG logo I've tried baking another rom, but that takes me straight back into the alternating logos Any ideas welcome! Update: worked 3rd time, relief:-))
  15. Don't think I've ver been called a geezer before but... sedj why don't you read what I wrote about battery life before you try to sound like you know what you're talking about. If you don't want to sound like you're still in nappies stop behaving like it
  16. Tell you what. I'm 50, and had my first mobile before 1990, I think I'm now over 300 mobiles (lost count). This is without doubt the best £99 phone there has ever been. As for battery life, my SF was taken off charge at 9am this morning and went back on charge at 11:15 tonight - showing 84% left. OK camera not up to much but everything else is stunningly good value - in case you're wondering, current crop of phones includes an iPhone 4 which has been little used since I got this and applied the Modaco ROM
  17. Finally got my SF flashed to the Modaco rom - brilliant job Paul, well done. Two real questions: 1) Any way to gett he Orange clock on the Orange software - don't know why but I rather liked it 2) any advice on wallpapers - I was reading about android malware and it does seem a bit of a problem - this morning I nearly downloaded an analogue clock, until I saw that it wanted "full internet access" - I can't see how it could need that? Thanks again
  18. That's almost exactly what happened to me. Paul suggested that I check the MD5 checksum of the file - which I did, and it turned out OK, so the solution was to wipe the file on the SD and try again. It failed again, but 3rd time it worked. So I'd concentrate on cleaning up that SD card and trying again. Somewhere in Orange's T & C's is going to be something that gives them the right to charge you if you trash it like this, I'll bet. If they do swap it out, someone is going to try to find out what went wrong, so I'd concentrate on trying to fix it, good luck - and stick with it, its worth it
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