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  1. Not much use yet installing that cab file. When signing in on my mobile I get the message it's for a limited number of users available at this time... And I'm not one of them.
  2. Try AltTab. I think this is the right one. Just transport to your device and assign a hardware button to it. Unfortunately the Touch doesn't have many of those, so you'll have to use the camera button, or maybe use AEButton plus (that's what i do). AltTab.zip
  3. Just ordered an mwg... My touch is slim enough for jeans-pocketing.
  4. It's good to see you English blokes are supporting the Orange Team in the European Championship now that the English team has decided to stay home this June... :D Go Holland!
  5. Okay, I'm going to reply one last time in this thread to this, and if afterwards someone wants to continue this discussion I'll welcome them to open a new thread in the lounge (I'll be back on monday). A big part of the discussion in the mentioned thread was about Paul's biased or unbiased news report about the row between florin and pof. There even was a poll attached to it. My problem with leaving this bit of info out of the story is because it was posted as news, and this way it read like an advert (as Phill also considers it as he states above, although he missed my point). Advertisement disguised as news equals spam in my book. I really don't see why it wasn't posted in the first post, besides the uneasy feeling it having to do something with florin/imeicheck not really liking the subject. I think it would have been wise of Paul to sidestep that by just mentioning it in the first post, like it probably would have been wise (in hindsight) to handle the first post of the infamous florin vs pof thread differently. That would have saved a lot of - admittedly very interesting - discussion. Have a nice weekend everyone, D
  6. Oh come on, Paul. You can't be serious! This is very relevant! And you thought it was relevant when you weren't just informing people there wasn't going to be an unlock solution for the Kaiser from imei-check but also posted florin's rant (which it was) and later on a link to PoF's reply. Not to mention the fact that the topic generated 166 posts in just 36 hours before it was closed. I was sympathetic to the decision to close it since it wasn't about florin or pof anymore, but about you not being fair to both sides of the story when you posted on the news page. And I don't think this topic should go the same way (let's hope mysterious stranger doesn't find this topic :( ), but I can't see how anyone who has followed this story can't see the relevance of it for this topic. I really don't believe that you don't get what I mean. If you say that it's only relevant to tell people that there's a solution and give no background, than according to that rule you shouldn't have mentioned why imeicheck initially refused to do kaiser unlocks. Denying that would in my opinion again jeopardize your reputation as impartial bringer of the news.
  7. Not trying to poke the flames back up, but shouldn't your post on the news page say at least something about the whole Florin vs PoF-discussion, Paul? Your saying it's a news page, and I'd say that about imeicheck not doing kaiser unlocks is quite relevant now that they come back from that statement. Not mentioning it kind of makes me move over to the dark side thinking it's either a) a cover up or b ) just ordinary spam from one of the sponsors... which is about what that whole discussion ended up in
  8. Wow! What a great idea to be able to do some sort of fingerslide scroll!!! If only my Touch would've been able to do that without this app... Oh wait, it does! No, in all seriousness, I'd say there's not much improvement from the original contact app. Maybe the favorites part, but the cube covers that already. I wouldn't be installing this on a Touch even if it were freeware, so definately not worth the 20 dollars in my opinion (even with the current exchange rates!). For 20 bucks I'd expect something extra, something that adds functionality, not just pretty colors. Sorry.
  9. Driekus

    No imei-check Kaiser unlock (or Florin_m vs pof)

    I'm on POF's side. Just look at the man's picture in his XDA-DEV's avatar! Says enough, I'd say...
  10. Driekus

    Thinking of getting a Touch

    I'd have to say that the battery life is quite good actually. I recharge mine every night, but I use it extensively (several hours per day) and it never drops below 50%. I voted for bat good, speed poor, though I feel "poor" is a bit harsh. Although it's definitaly slower than my pervious device (good old mda compact) I've only experienced problems with playback of highres (320*240) .mov-files with TCPMP (.avi no problems) and Minimo 0.2, that just won't work. Programs load quick enough and navigation with TomTom is quick. The main problem must be memory leakage, so if you don't mind a soft reset every now and than and use programs like cleartemp and/or oxios memory and no extensive multitasking it'll be alright.
  11. Driekus

    HTC Touch wont boot

    I've had a similar experience yesterday with a calendar homescreen plugin (see my topic here) and I couldn't come up with something better than performing a hard reset... Maybe you can be a little bit more specific about the program you installed if you want people to help out. "Some keyboard" doesn't mean a lot to me. Pole sana... (Just in case you decide to do the hard reset and don't know how: hold down both green and red buttons while poking the soft reset hole with your stylus. Hold the buttons until you are asked to press "action"-button to restore your device to default factory settings. WARNING: You will loose all data stored in main memory (PIM (calendar, contacts, tasks, notes), installed programs, user settings etc.). You'll get a nice clean crisp phone, like it was when you bought it, with none of your programs installed. Your memory card won't be affected though. If you used the sprite backup program on the cd that was shipped with the phone (at least with mine) you will be able to restore most if not all of it though.)
  12. Hurray! My Touch is now 1 week old, and I've just performed my second hard reset! "Why did you do that for?", you may ask. Well, I decided to install MohairSofa's Calendar+ and after that, my device wouldn't boot past the pretty green windows mobile 6 splashscreen. I have to say that I had already installed a lot of crap on my HTC Touch, but I had no problems until I did a soft reset right after installing calendar+. Maybe some sort of conflict, I don't know. Anyone else had problems with it? I would advice against installing it to a Windows Mobile 6 device.. It's a good thing a don't have a social life, 'cause these hard resets certainly keep my busy! Cheers, Driekus
  13. Driekus

    New FREE Utility - NoData

    I think I had the same problem. My problem was that the my network settings hadn't been configured yet. First use the network wizard to configure your connection(s), then run NoData (when there are no connections to be toggled, you get the error). Works fine on my HTC Touch WM6 now.
  14. You can use AEButton Plus, which works like a charm on my WM6 pro Touch. Not free though :) but not expensive (8$). You can assign different and multiple (single/double/tripple/long press), d functions to all (yes all) you hardware keys. Very nice app (and IMO essential on a HTC Touch...)
  15. Driekus

    Portable Apps & Pocket PC

    Maybe you could try IM+ (commercial) or Fring (free). Haven't tried any of them myself though...

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