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  1. Thanks Gorskar Have dropped them a line. Will see what they come up with.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. It was mainly the Handango page (link above) that I saw the packs advertised. I assumed that because you can add them to your 'cart' (even though this brings up a error), they must have been available at some stage. I have tried e-mailing the 'contact developer' address ([email protected]) but recevied a Delivery Failure notification back. Looks like it's back to the same old course again !
  3. Does anyone know where you can download/buy Expansion Packs for the Smartphone Edition of Links Golf ? I have seen them advertised on smartphone.net, jamdat.com etc but nowhere sells them. Cheers. :o
  4. For anyone who wants it. Here is the sampled CTU Phone Ring. Currently I have David Brent "Free Love Freeway" as standard ringtone - (about time for a change I think) and "The Sweeney Theme" for family etc. Any chance of posting the "Flower of Scotland" tone Squall ?? Cheers. ;) 24_CTU_Ring.wav
  5. Sounds good ! Willing to test if required. PM'd info as requested. lampieuk
  6. Paul, My best wishes go to you and your daughter. If she is feeling a little low :cry: , show her this topic so she can see all the guys and gals that are thinking of her. ;) All the best, lampieuk
  7. Homer Simpson is my mail-tone of choice. :D "Mail Call ! Gather round everyone !" Homer_Mail_Call.wav
  8. Hi All, Just upgraded to a C500 and have noticed that on my handset a column of pixels seems to be distorted. I was wondering if this is a common fault or whether I should take my handset back for exchange. As a test, I have composed a new text message with the phrase "Windows Mobile 2003 Smart". On my handset the 'S' of Smart had it's left edge distorted. Any ideas ? Cheers.
  9. Well if you are lowering the tone of this topic, how about giving it a boost with a Rangers screen ! :wink: Cheers in advance. PS Please Crimminsky, no mention of Europe :oops: :cry: PPS My first post, hello everyone !! :lol:
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